Boater Rescued by the Coast Guard Tells His Story

-Keith Judy won’t go back out on the

“We spent all this money on guns, but we didn’t have a VHF, a satellite phone, a flare in the boat. We had our priorities completely wrong”

A boater rescued from Atchafalaya Bay Saturday is now telling his story.

Jonathan Sully and two friends left before the sun came up Saturday morning. They followed the coastline, heading toward a duck blind. But then, the boat’s motor shut off.

Sully said, “Anything that we had was just soaking wet, so it was just weighing the boat down. We threw everything overboard.”

To make matters worse, the boat’s pump died. Sully remembered, “We’re taking turns, and we’re paddling this water out.”

Helicopters flew by, but there was no luck. The wind picked up and the tide got rougher. The boat started to drift further toward the gulf.

The boater said, “We took the orange life vest, and we tied it to a six-foot bow pole. We tied it, and we’re waving it, and we’re waving it. We can’t get anybody to notice us.”

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