Capsized fishing vessel uses the iSatPhone Pro

people in water

Until recently, maritime communications have been quite basic. As technology has progressed, boat owners have finally been given the tools they need to feel confident and safe out on open water. Had it not been for cutting edge communication systems, specifically the Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro, an American family of seven whose boat was taking on water 50 miles from shore may have been in a really bad situation. Luckily for them, the disastrous implications of a capsizing vessel was not enough to put their lives at risk due to their choice in satellite communications.

Beginning like any other day, James Dutton gathered everyone on his 29-foot boat and shoved off in search of bountiful fishing. The only difference with this particular voyage was the inclusion of an IsatPhone Pro handheld device that his wife Misty purchased for the vessel just five days earlier at GMPS.

It was smooth sailing until the crew noticed the boat was taking on water as they began the journey back to shore. Being an experienced sailor, James Dutton made sure to release a SART search and rescue radar device, while grabbing a GPS device and his IsatPhone Pro.

Using the IsatPhone Pro, Inmarsat’s proprietary global satellite handheld phone, James was able to quickly call for help.

Having to jump overboard, the family was taking another risk by entering shark patrolled waters. In any other situation, James and his crew would be helpless, waiting to see if anyone would respond to his mayday, but with the IsatPhone Pro, Mr. Dutton got in immediate contact with his wife Misty, who was still on shore, and was able to talk to her on a clear quality line while she alerted help.

“I was panicked, of course,” Misty later said. “But I managed to get his co-ordinates from him and contacted the coast guard.”

In the end, James and the six others were brought to safety, knowing that it could have been very different if not for the IsatPhone Pro

Having the phone gave both parties piece of mind considering they were able to speak with each other for 30 minutes while they waited for rescue. Being able to convey that he was in fact able to see their eventual rescuers was surely a wonderful feeling for both Misty and James.

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