Fleetbroad 500 to provide satellite link to Replica Endeavour


Replica Endeavour retraces Cook’s famous voyage

The Tall Ship, HM Bark Endeavour, a replica of Captain Cook’s famous vessel will begin a 13 month voyage next April, retracing its 18th century voyage around Australia. Often referred to as a “floating museum”, The Endeavour will stop at 18 ports 15 locations throughout Australia. While the circumnavigation will use traditional sailing and navigational techniques it will use anything but a traditional 17th method of communication on the water.

Inmarsat, the unquestionable world’s leading provider of satellite communications on the water, will provide a state-of-the-art real time Fleetbroadband 500 satellite terminal for the voyage. Among other things, the FBB 500 will allow the crew to keep in touch with the media and supporters as well as carry out an educational role.

Of course, an accurate replica of Cook’s original Endeavour does not have the usual space required for modern day satellite communications posing a challenge for the installation. Says Inmarsat spokesman Todd McDonnell, “As a living museum, the Endeavour’s communications capabilities must be hidden from all visitors seven days a week. But despite these challenges, the engineering team has managed to provide a hidden yet permanent modern day capability to the entire ship’s crew and sea-going passengers, for both operational and recreational use.”

The Thrane & Thrane FB500 satellite communications terminal will provide a voice and data connection to the modern world via both 3G and satellite. Equipped with Satcom Gadget’s Least Cost Routing solution, the fleet broadband 500 switches seamlessly satellite connectivity whenever she sails out of 3G cellular range, thereby always utilizing the most economical connection. There is a third connection option via wireless WAN, if required.

In addition to voice and data, the fleet broadband 500 solution for satellite communications on the water will also provide access to the internet and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs to chart their journey using Wi-Fi LAN access from all decks on the vessel. The Endeavour will be able to provide video footage, diary entries, interviews and pictures which can be downloaded by schools and museums as she sails around Australia.

The circumnavigation will begin in Sydney and trace James Cook’s original voyage 240 years ago when he became the first explorer to chart the east coast of Australia. From Queensland, the Endeavour will sail across the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Top End to Darwin, before sailing into the Indian Ocean and along the Western Australian coast to Fremantle. The ship will then cross the Great Australian Bight, taking in South Australia and continuing around Tasmania, before crossing the Bass Strait to Victoria and returning home to Sydney by May 2012.

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