How to use the iSatPhone


Follow these steps when you receive your iSatPhone Pro

Once you receive the phone, to activate the sim, please call ISS @ 888-511-3403 or email support at [email protected]. For security purposes, we don’t activate the sim card until it arrives safely to the customer. We take the liberty of installing your sim card for you so it’s already in the phone. ISS will send you your phone number the moment the sim card has been activated. We advise you to charge your phone’s battery prior to using. It is also a good idea to read the quick start guide that is included in the box with the phone.

To register with the Inmarsat network:

Turn the phone on and extend the antenna toward the position of the nearest satellite. Stand in an open area free from obstructions such as buildings, trees or mountains blocking the view between you and the satellite.

Searching satellite will appear on the screen. The top left of the screen will display Inmarsat when your phone is connected to the satellite along with two quick audible beeps indicating your phone is connected to the network. The signal bars reveal the signal strength. At least two signal bars are required to make and receive calls.

Before you can make a call, your phone requires a GPS fix so it can be located by the satellite. This should happen automatically, but if a new GPS fix is needed, the GPS icon will be displayed. Keep the phone in the open with a clear view of the sky until the icon disappears. Your phone is now ready to make and receive calls. Check out “Obtaining a GPS fix manually” on page 29 of the phones user guide for more information

The more open sky you can see the stronger the signal strength. If open sky makes up about 70% of your view when you look up, then the signal should be strong. At the perimeter of the coverage zone (close to the poles), it may be necessary to point the antenna more directly at the satellite for network registration.

To make a call:

Use the international dialing sequence of 00 or +, followed by the country code, area code (without the two zeros) and telephone number, then press the green key to connect the call.

Voicemail is enabled on your IsatPhone Pro by default. however you need to configure call forwarding ‘if not available’ in order for incoming calls to be forwarded to your voicemail while you are not available. You can find this setting in your IsatPhone Pro’s menu options. Your phone automatically checks for voicemails shortly after it has been turned on and is connected to the network. It will also send you voicemails that arrive while you are connected to the network. If you have a new voicemail, the voicemail icon will appear in the status bar at the top of the main screen and in Info. To listen to the message, hold down the #1 key on the keypad for a few seconds and your phone will automatically connect you to your voicemail. Alternatively, you can dial the short code of 570.

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