Hurricane Season is Here: Test Your Satellite Phone for FREE

Hurricane season is upon us and the team here at International Satellite Services wanted to remind you that it's a good idea to TEST YOUR SATELLITE PHONE.Did you know that Iridium, Inmarsat and Globalstar all have FREE test numbers that you can utilize to ensure that your satphone is active and working?Important: You must have active airtime on your satellite phone in order to test if your satphone is working!  If you need to purchase more airtime or have any questions about your service, please call us at 888-511-3403 ext 203 or email us at [email protected]In this post, we’ve included testing instructions for all (3) Satellite Constellations. Again...these testing calls are free for active airtime customers. (placing these calls won’t consume any of your airtime).
TEST YOUR IRIDIUM SATELLITE PHONEAs a service to all satellite phone users, ISS provides a dedicated test number to call and ensure your handset is working properly at all times.Untitled_design_3.pngTo test, go outside (unless you have an external antenna configuration) Turn on your phone, extend the antenna toward the sky. Wait for the green LED Network indicator, Dial 001-480-752-5105 and press the green button to place your call.If your phone is working, you will hear a call completion confirmation message as well some quick tips on proper handset usage
TEST YOUR ISATPHONEWhen testing your IsatPhone, make sure you are outside with a clear view of theUntitled_design_2.png sky and horizon. Power on the IsatPhone and rotate the antenna so it is pointing toward the sky. Let the phone acquire a GPS and register on the network. Dial the free Inmarsat test number: 001-8707-7699-9999 then press the green send button. If the call is successful you will hear a recorded message from Inmarsat.
TEST YOUR GLOBALSTAR PHONEAssuming you have active airtime, simply dial #TEST on your Globalstar satellite phone. If you hear a recorded message from Globalstar, the phone is working.

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