Industries in Which Satellite Push-to-Talk Technology is Valuable

industries satellite push-to-talk valuable

While we offer numerous types of satellite phones and portable high-speed satellite data hotspots to keep people connected off the grid here at International Satellite Services Inc., some of our most popular solutions are within the satellite push-to-talk (PTT) realm. From the MSAT-G2 satellite PTT radio to the portable Iridium PTT device, we have you covered if you require high-performance communication when other land-based options are not available.

This kind of communication is a vital requirement in industries where there’s a major emphasis on remote communication between teams on a daily basis, including some who are out in the field and could be in a variety of geographical locations. Let’s take a look at a few of the specific industries that benefit most from satellite push-to-talk services, which allow you to talk on a private network with an immediate connection to everyone else in the network.

Forestry Industry

Whether we’re talking about forestry workers or state and national park employees these are some of the simplest examples of the value of satellite push-to-talk services. These individuals commonly work in areas where traditional forms of communication, including cell phones, are nowhere to be found.

With satellite PTT technology, this is no concern. Team members can communicate with not only each other but also their dispatch office and any other connected parties a the push of a button.

Law Enforcement, SAR and First Responders

Whether in remote or more populated areas, it’s vital for those in law enforcement, search-and-rescue and various first responder situations to be able to communicate with dispatch and each other immediately and with no issues – any problems could put lives at risk. Some urban offices still use radio communications here, but those prioritizing privacy and/or the highest-quality connection often look to satellite PTT technology. Not only is this a more reliable connection across locations, but it will also work in many areas where a traditional radio or cell phone simply will not.

Utility Workers

There are several areas that may utilize satellite PTT technology, and a good example is a utility worker. Such individuals often need to cut power to an area or ask their dispatch to do so, but this cannot be done safely if there isn’t proper communication. Those who have had issues with traditional radio or cell signals in remote areas often switch to PTT for better reliability.

Disaster Response and Public Safety

Finally, in the event of a major natural disaster such as a weather event, everyone involved in emergency response needs to be able to communicate, including first responders. If the local infrastructure has a push-to-talk satellite solution in place, several different public safety divisions will be able to communicate on the same dedicated signal, ensuring nothing is missed – especially during disaster periods where cell towers or other forms of communication may have been knocked out.

For more on industries or public areas where satellite push-to-talk technology is highly valuable, or to learn about any of our satellite communication solutions, speak to the staff at International Satellite Services Inc. today.

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