Is Your Smartphone a Satellite Phone?

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Most people use smartphones today. They allow us to be connected to others almost anywhere in the world — almost. Despite their impressive reach, there are still many places smartphones can’t go – and that’s where push-to-talk satellite phones come into play.

If you want to explore the differences between smartphones and satellite phones more in-depth, then read on to learn more about the differences between each and how a push-to-talk satellite phone can fill the void your smartphone leaves behind.

How Powerful Is Your Global Network?

While your smartphone provider may have an extensive network for you to take advantage of to make calls and send text messages, these networks are limited. The way that smartphones transmit signals is different than the way that satellite phones connect which, in addition to reach, is the one of the most significant differences between the two.

A smartphone transmits signals via land-based towers. When you are in a given area, your phone picks up a signal from the nearest tower in your network. When you move to a different location, you may get a signal from a different, closer tower. If there’s no nearby tower, then you may experience issues such as dropped calls or, worse, no service at all.

A satellite phone connects in a completely different manner. Sat communications devices rely on signals from satellites rather than towers. These signals are transmitted far above the earth to even the most remote areas, which makes satellite phones — including push-to-talk satellite phones — more useful if you plan to travel to remote areas or spend time on open water.

Sat Phone Functionality Matters

You may think that, when it comes to the functionality of a phone, smartphones have the advantage – but that’s simply not the case. A satellite phone has been designed specially to allow you to make and receive voice and text communications from the most remote locations.

Satellite phones are invaluable in emergencies, too. That’s why you see them being utilized by state and local governments around the world, as sat communications can be used during power outages and other emergencies that tend to knock out smartphone reception.

Do You Need a Satellite Phone?

The truth is that, for everyday situations, your smartphone probably suits your needs just fine. But there are situations where having a satellite phone is preferable or even imperative.

If you plan to travel, you need a way to connect in case of an emergency. If you spend a lot of time on the water, then a satellite phone is a powerful resource that you may want to take advantage of.

Getting the right phone is crucial to ensuring you can stay connected. So why not consider a handheld satellite phone today? The experts at International Satellite Services can help you stay connected wherever your travels take you. Contact us today to talk to one of our friendly, helpful sat phone specialists.