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Ligado Networks

Ligado Networks

MSAT Satellite Services - Push-to-Talk

Ligado Networks began delivering satellite communications functionality to North America in 1995 with the launching of the MSAT-1 and MSAT-2 communications satellites. The constellation has been in continuous operation ever since.

In July 2011 MSAT migrated its commercial operations to the recently launched state-of-the-art SkyTerra 1 satellite, at the time among the most powerful commercial satellites ever built. Skyterra 1 features a 22-meter L-band reflector-based antenna — the largest commercial antenna reflector to be put into service - and will enable increased data speeds to products that are similar to today’s typical mobile devices in terms of size.

Today hundreds of thousands of devices operate using the MSAT SkyTerra 1 constellation, providing reliable, ubiquitous coverage primarily for public safety, enterprise, security, fleet management and asset tracking.

MSAT offers satellite voice, push-to-talk, data and GPS tracking services through a network of satellite Service Partners. International Satellite Services is proud to be the premier US based MSAT Service Partner.

In addition to these hosted services, MSAT offers satellite capacity leasing whereby Private Network Carriers can build and deploy their own end-to-end satellite communications solutions to operate over the MSAT satellite network.

MSAT G2 Coverage map

Network Coverage Area


MSAT Push-To-Talk (PTT) is a real-time, voice based service that provides point-to multipoint and point-to-point communication at the push of a button – a cost effective alternative to land-based two-way radio systems. The MSAT satellites act like radio towers, turning the entire continent into a single cell accessed via the MSAT-G2 Radio

Ligado MSAT-G2

Telephony and Data

In addition to Push-To-Talk services, the MSAT-G2 Radio can be operated as a traditional mobile telephone allowing the user to initiate and receive full duplex telephone calls to and from the PSTN as well as other mobile phones, both cellular and satellite using a standard North American dialing plan. Dial-Up data capabilities are also available.

GPS Tracking

The MSAT-G2 radio’s antenna system contains a GPS receiver which enables transmission of location information over the MSAT network. Coordinates can be transmitted with every PTT call and on the initiation of telephony or data calls and one minute intervals until the call terminates. Radios can also be polled for GPS information.

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