MSAT PTT Across Industries: Utilities, Public Safety, Oil and Gas

MSAT G2 Push to talk

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the major industries where push-to-talk satellite communications services can be enormously valuable. These products, such as MSAT-G2, MSATe and other satellite PTT solutions, play vital roles across a variety of different areas of modern industry, assisting clients in several important ways.

At International Satellite Services, satellite PTT options like the MSAT-G2 and many others are some of our specialties. What are some of the other major industries where satellite communications like these prove to have significant value, and why are these products so necessary for some of them? Here’s a rundown.

Utilities and Power

There are several key ways satellite PTT can benefit utilities and power companies. For one, these systems can provide vital backup communications in the event of a power outage or other emergency situation that takes out terrestrial networks.

Additionally, workers in remote locations can use these systems to communicate with each other and with dispatch, ensuring that everyone is aware of what’s going on at all times. This is essential for both coordination and safety.

Finally, MSAT push-to-talk systems can also be used to monitor equipment remotely, allowing companies to save on travel costs and keep a closer eye on things. For instance, if a worker in a remote location notices an issue with a piece of equipment, they can use their satellite PTT radio to immediately contact someone who can help.

Public Safety and Disaster Response

While we went over law enforcement in part one of our series, a tangentially related industry that also relies on satellite PTT is public safety and disaster response. In the event of a major emergency or natural disaster, terrestrial networks are often overloaded or taken out entirely. This can make it extremely difficult for first responders to communicate with each other, coordinate their efforts, and provide vital assistance to those who need it.

With a satellite PTT system in place, however, first responders can rest assured that they’ll always be able to stay in touch, no matter what. This is an absolutely essential tool for keeping people safe in emergency situations.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies often operate in remote locations where terrestrial networks simply aren’t available. In these cases, satellite PTT is the only way for workers to stay in touch.

Additionally, oil and gas companies often need to monitor their equipment remotely. This is usually done via SCADA systems, which require a reliable two-way connection in order to function properly. Satellite PTT radios are ideal for this purpose, as they can provide the necessary connection even in the most remote locations.

For more on the numerous industries where our products serve important roles, or to learn about any of our satellite PTT, satellite radio or other communication solutions, speak to the experts at International Satellite Services today.

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