Highly Secure P25 Anywhere


The P25 IP relay (P25-IPR) creates a highly secure, portable P25 radio network that transmits audio, subscriber ID, GPS location, and emergency alerts from P25 radios over an IP network.

This is brand new technology designed and developed to meet a need for P25 radio users. It provides secure, reliable push-to-talk communications for a wide variety of previously unserviced and underserved users and situations.

The P25-IPR is versatile because it works with all P25 radios and operates on any IP network. The vendor agnostic design allows the P25-IPR to work with P25 radios from all major brands including Motorola, Kenwood, EF Johnson, Harris, Tait, BK, and others.

Optimized for satellite with very low bandwidth requirements, it works over private and public internet networks including satellite, LTE, FirstNet, fiber, and others. This gives you choices and allows you to control your own land mobile radio network.

The P25-IPR saves lives with GPS tracking and man-down alerts and saves money with affordable regulation compliance. Integrated into new and existing two-way radio systems, the P25-IPR will eliminate coverage gaps, provide affordable CJIS compliance, increase worker safety, and create seamless interoperability.


Eliminate Coverage Gaps

Achieve complete coverage and eliminate coverage gaps by creating a portable P25 network that ensures your team has secure communications everywhere. Filling in dead zones, providing remote coverage, and remaining independent of outages reduces communications-based safety hazards and increases operational efficiency.

Increase Safety

Ensure all personnel are safe and accounted for with reliable GPS location tracking and emergency alerts. By transmitting GPS location, subscriber ID, and man down alerts from P25 radios via an IP network, safety-conscious employers can increase worker safety and accountability.

Affordably Achieve CJIS Compliance

Get CJIS compliance without building expensive, new infrastructure by integrating ISS's IP relays. This simple, cost-effective solution allows you to utilize the equipment best suited to your needs and budget.

Control Your P25 System Life Cycle

Regain control over choosing your own equipment and networks without external oversight and requirements. The P25-IPRs provide an alternative that gives the control back to you. This allows you to choose the equipment that best meets your operational and budget requirements and regain control of your destiny.

Get Seamless Interoperability

Establish cross-device and cross-agency P25 interoperability without compromising security and safety. Use P25 radios from different manufacturers on the same job site or connect with different agencies and out-of-state teams without problems with the P25-IPR.

Stay Online During Outages and Disasters

Gain disaster resilience for your push-to-talk network to keep critical communications online. Through outages caused by natural disasters like hurricanes, infrastructure failures like power outages, and other causes, the P25-IPR ensures everyone who needs real-time comms has them regardless of what’s going on.

Key Features

Portable P25 Radio Network — Portable package allows you to take your coverage with you and guarantee secure comms on the go

Manufacturer Agnostic — Vendor-neutral design supports all manufacturers including: Portable package allows you to take your coverage with you and guarantee secure comms on the go

  • Motorola
  • Kenwood
  • EF Johnson
  • Harris
  • Tait
  • BK
  • and others...

Achieve complete P25 interoperability with International Satellite Services, Inc

Transmits all P25 Audio and Data — Cutting-edge technology transparently transmits all audio and data from P25 radios including:

  • P25 audio
  • Subscriber ID
  • GPS location
  • Emergency alert

Network Agnostic — Uses any IP network(s) that meets your requirements including:

  • Satellite
  • LTE
  • FirstNet
  • Fiber
  • Other private and public internet networks

Highly Secure — Our P25 technology is FIPS 140-2 level 1 validated (FIPS 140-3 level 3 validated coming soon…)

Optimized for Satellite — Very low bandwidth requirements make satellite communications smooth and cost-effective


Primary Users

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Eliminate coverage gaps
  • Achieve cost-effective CJIS compliance
  • Get seamless interoperability


  • Fill in RF network gaps
  • Gain P25 compatibility with existing networks
  • Increase worker safety

Wildland Fire

  • Get reliable GPS data and man down alerts
  • Create complete coverage in remote and disaster zones
  • Gain seamless interoperability across teams and agencies

Disaster Recovery

  • Keep comms online during outages
  • Increase safety with GPS tracking and emergency alerts
  • Gain seamless interoperability

Oil and Gas

  • Eliminate coverage gaps
  • Connect remote workers with PTT
  • Ensure real-time comms and interoperability during outages and turnarounds

Private Security

  • Gain portability
  • Ensure world wide coverage
  • Avoid blackouts during catastrophes

School Districts and Universities

  • Achieve cost-effective CJIS compliance
  • Eliminate dead zones
  • Gain seamless interoperability

How it Works

The P25-IPR is a plug-and-play relay that transparently transmits P25 audio and data over IP networks. This cutting edge technology taps into the raw P25 stream keeping the P25-IPR vendor agnostic so that it works with all P25 radios. Audio, subscriber ID, GPS location, and emergency alert are then transmitted over an IP network such as satellite, LTE, FirstNet, fiber, or other private and public IP networks.

The P25-IPR portable GoKIT comes in a rugged Pelican case with Amphenol mil-spec connectors to survive demanding use. Everything fits inside the case including the Explorer 323 satellite antenna and/or an LTE modem and runs off a vehicle’s cigarette lighter plug or 110VAC bench power supply.

This advance brings reinvented radio over IP (RoIP) technology to P25 making complete coverage, affordable CJIS compliance, increased worker safety, and easy interoperability a reality for P25 users.