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Explorer PTT

Explorer Push-to-Talk

Low Cost Satellite Two-Way Radio Solution

A cutting edge new push-to-talk (PTT) solution, The Explorer PTT is an IP-based radio communications system that distinctly supports Satellite/3G/LTE/LAN with least-cost routing and Land Mobile Radio integration to provide reliable voice and data communication in any environment. The Explorer PTT will allow for a broad range of new terminal-based data-rich applications secured by AES-256 encryption connected to a ruggedized mobile PTT interface. This new terminal provides seamless handover of voice calls and also supports Bluetooth and WiFi data connectivity.

The Explorer Satellite Two-Way Radio platform is designed to provide reliable, low cost satellite Dispatch, voice and data connectivity to Utilities, Transportation, Homeland Security officials, Law Enforcement, Emergency Responders and Public Safety name only a few.

The Explorer PTT offers additional benefits by extending Push–To-Talk capabilities to hybrid data networks. With no user intervention required, the system automatically routes voice and data traffic via the most reliable network available.

The Explorer PTT looks and feelsMSAT G2 Coverage map just like a standard LMR system, utilizing a simple Push-To-Talk Microphone with speaker. The system is also as easy to install as a standard LMR system. Uniquely, up to two USB cellular modems can be connected to the PTT terminal to enable two independent cellular network connections.

The Explorer PTT sophisticated routing functionality automatically switches between the available networks, dynamically selecting the most suitable one based on quality and availability at any time. This all happens seamlessly without user intervention.

Watch Explorer PTT in Action

Satellite Push-to-Talk

Included in the Box

EXPLORER 122 Push-To-Talk System (requires G3 activation)

System Includes:

  • EXPLORER 122 Satellite Terminal Power/ Ethernet mating connector
  • EXPLORER 3647 Push-To-Talk Unit
  • EXPLORER 6205 Control Speaker Microphone
  • EXPLORER 122 Magnetic Mount Solution
  • EXPLORER 122 Connection Box
  • EXPLORER 122 Connection Cable 6m combined Ethernet and Power Cable