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MSAT-G2 Push-to-Talk Radio

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MSAT-G2 Push-to-Talk Radio

The Most Affordable Satellite Voice Solution Available on the Planet

What is SATELLITE Push-to-Talk?

Imagine your own private radio tower 23,000 miles high with a service area covering all of North America from the equator to (nearly) the North Pole, including coastal waters, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Now imagine your fleet of boats, cars, trucks, buses or even multiple office locations within this coverage area all linked together by a solution that provides both regular voice and push to talk capability (just like a walkie talkie).

You can speak privately one radio to another.

Or with a push of a button, talk to your entire fleet at one time in broadcast mode.

One of the greatest benefits of MSAT PTT is that your fleet can communicate with each other 24/7, 365 days per year for one VERY LOW Monthly Rate

The MSAT-G2 is not only ideal for fleets to stay connected to each other via talk groups with one low monthly fee, but this satellite radio solution is perfect for sending and receiving email, transferring files and downloading weather reports in remote areas where cellular and 3G isn't accessible. GPS Tracking is also available.

The MSAT-G2 is available for land/mobile (Vehicular), Marine (Vessels) and Fixed (in building) configurations.

One Low Monthly Fee - Unlimited Talk Time

As land based mobile radios are coming to their end of life, more and more industries are implementing the MSAT-G2 due to reliability and coverage. In addition to push-to-talk requirements, SatComs are also playing an important role in Smart Meter deployments.

A wireless push-to-talk network relies on establishing "Talkgroups"-sets of users who share a common radio channel. Each communicator can support up to 15 Talkgroups. While users can belong to more than one Talkgroup, each Talkgroup can include as many as 10,000 members. When establishing Talkgroups, priority levels can be predetermined in order to define who will be permitted to listen and speak during each session. Users Pay 1 Low Monthly Fee for Unlimited Talk Time.

MSAT G2 Coverage map

Users also have the ability to dial in to a Talkgroup from the PSTN or dial out from a Talkgroup to the PSTN.

The network acts much the same as a radio tower, turning the entire continent into a single cell and transmitting signals to and receiving signals from subscribers on the ground. The MSAT PTT Service can also be configured to provide extra security to your subscribers.

MSAT-G2 is the most reliable and affordable satellite two way radio available

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Delivering service since 1995, Ligado Networks provides mobile satellite services critical to public safety, transportation, energy and industry infrastructure customers. With its state of the art SkyTerra 1 satellite, Ligado connects customers in challenging environments with robust products and services to meet their needs throughout North America.

Ligado is adapting 3GPP standard IoT protocols to deliver connectivity to both satellite and terrestrial devices for 5G IoT networks. This technology will leverage the Ligado SkyTerra 1 satellite to provide robust connectivity to small, low-power devices that are also served by terrestrial mobile networks.

What industries currently use MSAT?

  • Transportation
  • Mining and construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Forestry
  • Electrical utilities
  • Public safety
  • Military
  • Law enforcement
  • Offroad Racing

MSAT-G2 Products

The MSAT-G2 mobile satellite radio platform supports voice, data and push-to-talk (PTT) two-way radio communications capabilities across North America. This technology provides the ultimate in power, reliability and flexibility across a variety of applications.

This land mobile satellite telephone system also provides GPS tracking capabilities as well as the capacity to expand reach through third-party interface. This platform allows for reliable inter- and intra-organizational communication for land-based vehicles, maritime vessels, fixed locations and portable to-go kit solutions across the continent.

The most important benefit of the MSAT-G2 system is that it offers flat-rate, unlimited voice communications for an affordable monthly fee.

MSAT-G2 Capabilities

The MSAT-G2 platform is robust, reliable, affordable and easy to use. This combination of benefits is not easy to find in the satellite communications world.

This system is truly plug-and-play and it does not require a mountain of hardware. You will receive your system in a small box that weighs less than 10 pounds. Pull out the transceiver, handset, antenna and cables, and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

You will enjoy coverage that stretches from California to Nova Scotia, Alaska to Venezuela. And with GPS tracking built into the MSAT-G2 antennae, you can track assets with no additional hardware requirements.

MSAT-G2 Equipment

The land-based MSAT system includes an L-band antenna (available in land-based and maritime models), handset, transceiver and all cables needed to set up your communications. You can also choose a mobile kit that, in addition to the basic equipment, also provides battery power and a water-resistant hard carry case.

Using the Satellite Optimizer Hotspot, you can add data functionality to your MSAT-G2 system for simple and efficient connectivity. You can also interface the system with your existing fleet communications.

Trust the MSAT-G2 Product Experts at ISS

International Satellite Services (ISS) is the leading provider of MSAT-G2 hardware and services in the nation.

Many companies and organizations overestimate the amount of voice and data capability they require, and as a result, often overspend on their satellite communications equipment. This also means they end up with an overly complex system that’s hard to set up.

The ISS team takes the time to get to know you and understand your communications needs. The affordable, compact MSAT-G2 system is ideal for anyone interested in reliable group communication off the grid: search-and-rescue groups, off-road race teams, transportation companies and more. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of MSAT-G2 product line.

Health Status of the Skyterra-1 Satellite

Launched in November of 2010, Ligado’s SkyTerra-1 L-band satellite was deployed for commercial service in the second quarter of 2011.  The satellite was designed for 18 years of operational life with a minimum orbital maneuver life of 15 years. The satellite and all elements of its ground-based network remain healthy and are operating as designed. Through on-going monitoring and analysis of key performance parameters of the satellite, the ground-based network and available on-board fuel, Ligado expects Skyterra-1 to operate beyond 2028.

Status of Skyterra-2 Satellite

Manufactured, assembled and tested by Boeing, the SkyTerra-2 satellite is an identical copy of SkyTerra-1. The satellite is currently available as a ground spare stored in a controlled environment at Boeing facilities in El Segundo, Ca. Ligado plans to launch the Skyterra-2 satellite in the first quarter of 2025 as required by regulators.

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