Providing secure bandwidith via Mobile Satellite Communications

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DigiGone, your “secure” solution for low bandwidth connections via mobile satellite communications.

Does your Mobile Satellite Communication bandwidth require a secure solution? More and more Inmarsat BGAN Service customers are discovering the secrets of Diginonymous’ range of DigiGon solutions. Recently we spoke with George Spohn, one of the firm’s key players, to find out why the company is attracting so much attention.

In order to appreciate the features of DigiGone one must first know something about its founder. Mike Dunleavy served with the United State Air force, going on to become a Special Agent for the Office of Special Investigation. He then moved to the Air Force Reserve, became a lieutenant in the police force supervising technical surveillance teams and law enforcement operations. After seeing active duty following 9/11, Mike retired from the Air Force Reserve and applied his skills to forming two companies dealing with the protection of people, property and information.

Born of the frustration of not being able to find secure communications that met his needs, Dunleavy decided to set up a company and create his own secure communication capability. In 2007 he founded Diginonymous. He brought together the talents of several fellow retired counter intelligence and counter espionage agents and hired a team of software engineers. They created the DigiGone range of encrypted and anonymous satellite internet browsing and mobile satellite communication solutions.

Now president of the Diginonymous, Dunleavy approached George Spohn of Thrane & Thrane and persuaded him to become the company’s vice-president of global sales and marketing. It was the merging of these two men’s talents that proved a real turning point for the firm, because George realized that one of the biggest benefits of the DigiGone software platform is that users can control mobile satellite communication bandwidth thereby controlling their costs. “DigiGone enables users to perform a variety of tasks – from multi-party video conferencing, video streaming, texting and file transfer – at the lowest possible shared Standard IP bandwidth, allowing them to control costs,” said Spohn.

“So, for example, instead of using expensive video-conferencing technology installed in set locations, users can hold a video conference using BGAN satellite terminals linked to their laptops, setting the bandwidth at a maximum of just 60kbps. It can be set up within minutes and existing users can easily transfer the half a megabyte DigiGone software by email to new contacts with whom they wish to hold a video conference. During the video conference the solution will never exceed the 60kbps set – instead it will continually monitor the necessary bandwidth, operating at a lower one whenever possible, which in this instance might be only 40kbps.”

Every customer wants the capability to communicate from anywhere at anytime but they are all wary of the cost. When it comes to cost, the most significant variable to control is bandwidth cost. “This is where DigiGone can play a key role because it allows users to control both the costs and the quality of transmissions”, says Spohn.

Other DigiGone solutions also include:

DigiGone Mobile Chat – which allows executives travelling on ships, yachts or business jets equipped with Inmarsat services to communicate securely with anyone in the world using the wi-fi on their Microsoft Windows-based smartphones.

Secure Identity Software – an add-on capability to DigiGone PC chat software which gives users the ability to surf the web anonymously, encrypt and decrypt files and folders, wipe files and folders and perform remotely encrypted back-ups and store encrypted files.

“Our sales have grown by 50 per cent year-on-year – mostly through Inmarsat partners who are distributing the solutions to customers and resellers, and we are keen to hear from others who are interested in the DigiGone range,” said Spohn. “We have put together brochures and presentations for a total of 23 different markets for DigiGone solutions – including some totally new to mobile satellite communications.”

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