PTT and Field Service Teams: Range, Coordination, Mobility

PTT field service teams

There are many entities and organizations that can benefit from the use of satellite push-to-talk (PTT) solutions for communication, and many of these involve field service staffers of varying kinds. Entities that regularly have team members out in the field for various purposes are some of those that often benefit most from this sort of technology, both in terms of cost and convenience.

At International Satellite Services, we’re here to offer a variety of PTT solutions, including the MSATe PTT radio and several others. Here are some of the top benefits of these kinds of communication devices for any entity that maintains field service teams or similar staffs, across this two-part blog series.

Fantastic Range

In many cases, field service teams are spread out over a vast area, especially when it comes to large facilities or outdoor work sites. With satellite PTT solutions, employers can be sure that their workers have the ability to communicate regardless of their location.

Since these devices are satellite-based, they offer fantastic range and don’t require any kind of cell tower presence in order for them to work properly. This ensures that there’s always reliable communication no matter where personnel may be, something that can’t necessarily be guaranteed with normal radio or cell phone communication.

Simple Staff Coordination

Another key benefit of satellite PTT solutions is that they make it much easier for field service teams to coordinate their efforts. Having a single communication channel with everyone on the same page allows all members to be in sync and stay up to date with developments, updates, or any other important changes that might come up during a job.

This helps ensure efficient and effective operations in the field, which can be a great asset for any employer.


Especially compared with certain other traditional communication solutions, satellite PTT radios are incredibly mobile and easy to carry around. This allows field service teams to stay well connected while they travel between work sites or locations, with minimal effort on their part.

The portability of these devices also offers the potential for members of a team to easily transfer from one job site to another without missing a beat in terms of communication. For instance, if a worker needs to quickly move from one location to another, they can easily take their radio with them and still remain in contact with any other team members.

No matter what the size of the entity or organization may be, satellite PTT solutions are invaluable for any field service team. Having reliable communication is essential for efficient operations, and International Satellite Services is here to provide the best solutions available. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services – and check back soon for part two of this series where we go over some other major benefits of PTT to field service teams.

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