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MSAT PTT Satellite Services

Where land-based communications don't exist or when they are damaged, destroyed or congested from a man-made or natural disaster situation, count on the Ligado Networks MSAT product line to get the job done. Search and rescue teams; police and firefighters; fishing fleets and tug boats; work crews and drivers for utilities, railroads, trucking and off-road racing teams, all rely on Ligado MSAT Services to stay connected 24/7.   MSAT PTT is a real-time, voice-based service that provides point-to-multipoint and point-to-point communication at the simple push of a button. Communicate with up to 9,999 group members using as many as 15 point-to-multipoint talkgroups. Private mode PTT is yours for one-to-one conversations as well.

MSAT G2 Coverage mapMSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Radio

The Ligado MSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Radio is a powerful and flexible communications solution that works when and where you do. Based on terrestrial radio standards, it easily integrates into land mobile radio (LMR) networks, extending the reach of existing networks and providing a cost-effective alternative to new deployments in remote or temporary locations. Dual mode operation allows traditional telephony service to operate in unison with Push-To-Talk (PTT) service, so customers never miss a call.  Coverage is flexible—choose from regional, nationwide or full North American reach.

The MSAT-G2 Mobile Satellite Radio is available in fixed, mobile and marine configurations.

Push Your Network Beyond Limits with Iridium PTT

Iridium® Push-to-Talk is the only truly global, truly portable push-to-talk solution available on the planet. It enables fast and simple group communications at the push of a button, anywhere on earth...including the poles

Versatile Communications at the Push of a Button

Iridium Extreme® PTT takes reliable group communications to the next level with unique features and capabilities, including:

- Global PTT capabilities and configurable talkgroups
- Reinforced PTT button
- High audio loudspeaker
- Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability
- GPS-enabled location-based services
- SOS access in Phone Mode
- Phone Mode battery duration: standby up to
(54) hours; talk time up to (6.5) hours
- PTT Mode battery duration: standby up to
(16.5) hours; Talk time up to (5) hours

Iridium Global Coverage Map