Satellite Phone provides some relief in Japan


How do you spell happiness? “Satellite Phone”

Still wearing a radiation detection badge on his lapel, a television correspondent recently had some very important news to convey to a very worried woman in the United States. “This is Bill Weir with ABC News”, he said. “I’m actually in northern Japan right now, and I just saw your sister Elsa and she’s O.K., and she wanted you to know that, and that she loves you.”

The camera panned to NBC News correspondent, Ann Curry, anxiously showing quake survivors a picture of a missing American teacher, Canon Purdy. Later, Ms. Curry hit gold. “I found your sister,” she announced over a satellite phone in front of the rescue center where the teacher had sought refuge. “Here she is.” As Ms Curry handed the satellite phone to Ms. Purdy, the television went to split screen, showing the teacher crying into the sat phone on one half and her equally weepy and overjoyed relatives who were being recorded by a camera crew in San Francisco on the other half.

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