Summer Camping: Get Your Satellite Service Ready!

Satellite internet for camping

Summer is a great time to explore the outdoors, whether you like to rough it in a tent or glamp it with an RV.

Just because you’re out enjoying nature doesn’t mean you have to totally disconnect yourself from the outside world. You may need to stay connected for work, for school, or for your family, and that’s where satellite service – both phone and internet — can come in handy.

Here’s what you need to know about sat phones and satellite internet for camping, to help you stay connected as you relax in nature.

Satellite Phone Services

If you’re hitting the back country this summer, you’re probably not going to have cell service in too many places. Consider getting a handheld satellite phone before you head out.

Today, many camping enthusiasts are taking sat phones in their backpacks to ensure they can stay safely connected virtually anywhere their travels might lead. You can choose affordable plans or even prepurchase satellite minutes, for the best economic value.

Satellite Internet for Camping

There are pros and cons to satellite internet for sure; but one of the definite advantages of it is that it can work anywhere. And let’s face it: You live in the age of the internet, so staying connected is probably a priority for you and those you travel with.

Satellite internet can be used in a few different ways. You can use a tripod-mounted satellite dish to catch a beamed signal from space, which is then transferred to a modem. You can camp in the most remote place in the world, and you will have access to the internet through this service. That’s pretty amazing!

Satellite Phone & Internet for Your RV

If you’ve got your own RV, consider the benefits of taking a portable satellite hotspot on the road with you, for voice and data connectivity. No matter where you go, you can access service, allowing you make phone calls, check email or even attend that important Zoom meeting you have on your schedule.

The ease of use with a satellite hotspot is revolutionary – not really much different than connecting to the WiFi hotspot at your local coffee place. All you have to do is plug in the hotspot and orient it properly, using the simple indicators. Next, use your phone, tablet, laptop, smart watch, etc., to establish your connection.

With the iSatHub portable satellite hotspot from ISS, you will have clear voice connectivity and high-speed internet that allows multiple device connections. You won’t find a more reliable or affordable satellite internet for camping option.

Adventure awaits you this summer in the great outdoors. Explore ways you can stay connected as you connect with nature by talking to the experts at International Satellite Services today. We can help you get the ideal equipment and network connection for all of your mobile satellite phone and internet needs.