The Benefits of BGAN Satellite Solutions

man using BGAN

Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite terminals provide an effective meansof communication to remote locations where terrestrial connectivity may prove inefficient or inaccessible for use in such locales. Although BGAN devices are promoted for use in areas with underdeveloped or nonexistent telecommunications, these devices are also invaluable in situations that require prompt establishment of contact between those within the field and the base of operations. The following offers ten excellent reasons why BGAN satellite terminals are suitable for industries and organizations that rely on remote site monitoring and management of networks and equipment.

-BGAN satellite terminals offer reliable voice and data communication links between remote locations at a lower cost than other forms of terrestrial communication.

-BGAN devices can be configured to collect and transmit data for remote monitoring applications, as well as transmit command and control instructions to offsite equipment. Remote access can be facilitated without expending personnel or other valuable resources.

-Service coverage for a BGAN device extends globally, with exception to the poles. Maritime communication is also available via BGAN, with some limitations.

-BGAN terminals are built to operate under a wide variety of adverse weather conditions, providing reliable connectivity even in the most extreme weather.

-External battery devices allow the BGAN satellite terminal to continue operation after it loses its main power source in the field.

-BGAN terminals feature a compact form factor that allow for a greater degree of versatility regarding the placement of these devices. This compact form also allows for greater ease of deployment, as installers no longer have to deal with bulky equipment during the deployment process.

-Setup of a BGAN terminal only takes a matter of minutes to complete, making these devices valuable for disaster response, military operations and other applications where prompt deployment is critical. Many BGAN devices can connect to a nearby satellite signal and attain full connectivity with just the push of a button.

-BGAN terminals offer the fastest speeds of any satellite-based global data link, with a lower latency than most other systems.

-Users can connect to their BGAN satellite terminal using a wide array of devices, including Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet cables. Some terminals are also equipped to handle ISDN telephone calls, faxes and SMS text messages.

-The cost of purchasing and owning a BGAN terminal makes it worthwhile for organizations with strict fiscal budgets. BGAN Satellite terminals do not require a heavy initial investment, nor do they require expensive upkeep.

BGAN satellite terminals are a cost effective and flexible method of monitoring and communicating with remote work sites where ordinary terrestrial communications are simply not an option. Those within the oil, utility, mining and defense industries, as well as disaster response, telemedicine and world travelers have experienced the benefits of utilizing BGAN Satellite Communication Technology for effective and reliable communications in remote places around the world.

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