The ISatData Pro provides a unique satellite m2m global solution


If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about machine-to-machine (M2M) satellite communication solutions, you need look no further than the team of Inmarsat, Skywave and International Satellite Services. At the top of their services list is the low data rate solution known as the IsatData Pro, that gives users the capability to manage and communicate with remote assets scattered all over the globe.

Switching to IsatData Pro means seeing an increase in the payload capacity offered by many other satellite based M2M companies. The ISatData Pro delivers up to 10,000 bytes to a device and 6,400 from it. That is huge when compared to the 270-340 bytes of data connectivity that other solutions are offering.

By being able to deliver almost 37 times as much data as the competition, IsatData Pro has the ability toisatdata pro satellite m2m meet the increasing demand for richer information in the service. Businesses are now able to diversify their operations and share more via e-mail, electronic forms, remote management and more. The applications delivered by this M2M Satellite service include the maintenance of driver logs, text messaging remote workers, vehicle telemetry information, and the control and management of fixed assets.

Information that is critical to business can be delivered at an incredibly quick 100 bytes in 15 seconds or less. That translates to a 1,000 byte message being sent in 45 seconds, which can be essential when trying to contact drivers in high-risk areas, or to effectively use sensors for the management of remote equipment.

Drew Brandy, Director of Land Services at Inmarsat, believes that the M2M market is one that is going to continue to grow as a rapid pace. While others fall behind, Brandy believes that the IsatData Pro will be able to support the increase in demand. He also feels that it will make business operations that much more visible, whilst allowing for a more efficient service and risk management. Another benefit derived from the IsatData Pro service is that it comes with the support of the most reliable global mobile satellite network, the Inmarsat-4s, giving it an operation life that should easily reach into the 2020’s.

Sean Faulkner, Vice President for IsatData Pro at SkyWave Mobile Communications, believes that IsatData Pro will change the rules of the game for clients, Inmarsat and his own company. He believes that the increase in data will allow businesses to go beyond the tracking, monitoring and security aspects of their business to being able to deliver enhanced logistics services. He explained that utilities now have the ability to send more data from multiple sensors in a reliable fashion. That allows the operation to go from simply monitoring to actually driving performance. This is done by allowing the organization to keeping in touch with remote workers and assets that were previously impossible sue to the high costs associated with such practices.

The rapid integration of applications is more than covered by the fully-functional satellite terminals, modems and software tools offered by SkyWave and International Satellite Services. IsatData Pro is now being fully integrated by a number of global partners that support the transportation, oil & gas, utilities, SCADA, maritime, defense & security, commercial fishing and heavy equipment sectors.

Included in the SkyWave IDP 600 series of all-weather data terminals are such things as integrated GPS, not to mention both digital and analog ports for connecting sensors to relay data such as fuel levels, engine temperature and speed. Access to the diagnostic and operation information that businesses require to see how equipment is being used and tom make necessary productivity changes is provided by serial interfaces. Terminals can be customized to deliver a more unique operation to each organization, with GUI-based programming tools making that option available.

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