Tips for Creating Satellite PTT Talkgroups

tips satellite PTT talkgroups

For any entity that utilizes satellite PTT solutions for its regular operations, it’s important to know that these devices offer capabilities well beyond the simple push of a button for conversation. For instance, one of several fantastic features present on the MSATe push-to-talk radio is the ability to establish “Talkgroups,” or sets of users that share a channel for communications.

At International Satellite Services, we’re happy to offer the MSATe PTT for varying fleet needs, and we’re here to detail all its functionality and programs for those who are new to this equipment. What are “Talkgroups” within the MSATe, and how should you go about creating them for your fleet and needs? Here are some simple tips.

How Talkgroups Work

Within PTT networks, talkgroups are a vital concept that allow people who speak regularly to stay connected. They refer to groups of users who will share a given channel – a user can belong to multiple Talkgroups, and each group can include thousands of members if needed.

Typically, the MSATe supports up to 15 separate Talkgroups. These can be grouped by priority levels, which allows for users to be able to reach a specific person or group of people in an emergency. Any user with access to the MSATe can quickly switch between Talkgroups, and all conversations remain on the same network.

Creating Talkgroups

Creating Talkgroups on the MSATe is relatively simple – you’ll first need to decide what type of Talkgroup you’ll need, and then assign people to the Talkgroup. If you have a large fleet that needs to be connected, consider dividing them into two or more Talkgroups based on function or priority of communication. Once assigned, users can easily switch between Talkgroups as well as access their own private channels.

Assign Priorities

Depending on your needs, you can also assign priorities to each Talkgroup. This allows for users to reach a specific person or group in an emergency situation. Priorities can be assigned on both the MSATe and its associated software, ensuring that the most important communications get through quickly and without interruption.

Give This Some Real Thought

There’s sometimes a tendency among certain organizations to simply “set it and forget it” when creating Talkgroups on the MSATe. But, in order for you to ensure that your system functions optimally, give some real thought to what kinds of Talkgroups will best suit your needs.

By taking the time to create well-structured Talkgroups on the MSATe, you’ll save yourself time and energy as your organization grows, allowing for the most efficient use of this fantastic communication tool.

At International Satellite Services, we’re here to help you get started with the MSATe PTT – contact us today to learn more about how we can fully customize a solution for your entity’s communications needs!

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