Utilities Require BGAN for Remote Site Management


As our infrastructure continues to grow and new smart grids are introduced, utility companies are finding they have more options than ever before. The smart grid has the potential for revolutionizing the way we produce, as well as consume, electricity.

With these advancements, utility companies have a much better chance of successfully operating remote sites. In the past, the ability to implement proper remote sites has been issue for many companies due to the lack of technology. For the last century, utility companies have had to commit a great deal of manpower and time towards collecting data through traditional means, which made operating remote sites very difficult. As the new smart grid is implemented, efficiently run remote sites have started to become much more viable options.

But even though companies are able to take advantage of smart grids, some glaring issues still remain. With remote sites and large distances, the business of utilities has actually become more complicated in certain aspects, with communications being one of the major problem areas.

Fortunately for many companies looking to keep operations at peak levels, technology has already been developed which allows for seamless communications. The Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) was designed to allow companies to continue working efficiently, even when their sites of operation are widely dispersed or have little or no terrestrial connectivity.

BGAN is the worlds first simultaneous voice and high speed data (broadband) mobile satellite communications service available around the globe. It is portable, extremely user-friendly and allows for guaranteed data rates on demand.

Many of its terminals, such as the popular Hughes 9201-M2M satellite IP, are single box, and SCADA-ready. The terminal is simply packaged to enable continuous monitoring and control of remote sites, including well automation, pipeline monitoring, and utility SmartGrid such as SmartMeter backhaul, distribution automation, and substations SCADA. In addition, the device allows for instant connectivity, and has a tough exterior built for adverse weather conditions. Being compact and versatile, the terminals are a secure and cost-effective solution for handling large amounts of data. BGAN M2M is an ideal solution for remote site management.

As the global market place continues to evolve and become more competitive, it is vital to partner with companies that provide the best technology for your communication needs. With the help of BGAN, your company will be able to achieve its goals and thrive.

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