What is the MSAT G2 Satellite Radio?


The MSAT G2 just might be the most underrated, over achieving communications satellite radio on the market today. Although understating its capabilities in this writer’s opinion, “blue collar” is another term one sometimes hears used to describe the MSAT G2, more on that later.

Originally launched in the mid 1990’s when satellite communications was truly in its infancy, the MSAT 1 and 2 satellites have been providing yeoman-like service to all of North America ever since. Skyterra 1, the massively (school bus size) powerful communications satellite launched in 2010 has taken over the original bird’s responsibilities now but MSAT continues to maintain Birds 1 and 2 in fully operational status just to provide redundancy in the event that it is needed. A sister satellite, Skyterra 2, sits on the ground ready for launch, also, just in case.MSAT G2 Satellite Radio Service Area

For the first 10 years or so of MSAT’s existence, Mitsubishi and Westinghouse manufactured the hardware that drove usage on the constellation. A few years back Hughes stepped up and contracted with MSAT to offer the G2, a much more compact, lighter, easier to install (and operate) terminal than those earlier versions. The G2, engineered to operate exclusively on the MSAT satellite constellation, was a huge success the minute it hit the market. It remains a best seller today!

Available in Land/Mobile (vehicular), Fixed (terrestrial) and Marine configurations, the MSAT G2 is fully “plug and play”. The Land/Mobile unit COMPLETE, ships in a box 1 foot cubed and weighs less than 10 pounds, including the antenna, transceiver, handset and all cables. If you can open a box you can have this radio configured, powered up and operational in less than 15 minutes!

If you’re looking to spend a lot of money on a satellite terminal that will take you and your crews days to install, weeks to learn to use and cost a small fortune to operate (assuming you can understand the rate plans at all!) then the MSAT G2 is not for you. However….

  • If your business operates somewhere between Alaska and South America, Puerto Rico and Nova Scotia, including all North America coastal waters, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean AND….
  • If you DO want your crews to welcome the satellite upgrade rather than dread it AND
  • If you like the idea of FLAT RATE UNLIMITED 24/7 voice communications between your entire fleet AND
  • If paying one nominal rate per minute for ALL your TELEHONE voice and data calls, (checking with the wife at home or emailing a document to the office) appeals to you then the MSAT G2 may just be for you!

The price point for the G2 is comparable to other satellite radios on the market today, with the exception of the handhelds. Realistic retail pricing for the Land/Mobile unit will be in the mid to high $3,000.00 range, low to mid $4,000.00 for the Fixed and Marine versions due to the pole mount kits and longer heavier antenna cables that come with the fixed unit and the ruggedized salt water environment 3-axis antenna included with the Marine terminal.

This is fact! 75% of all satellite radio customers OVER estimate the band width that they will need for their data requirements and under estimate the time they will spend using voice communications. As a result they spend too much money buying too much terminal, suffer an inordinately long learning curve, and end up using the terminal less than expected because of the cost of operations.

The MSAT G2 solution will handle 90% of most customers data needs as well (emails and file attachments) and 100% of inter and extra company voice transmissions, all while saving you money. Oh, and don’t forget GPS asset tracking, built into the MSAT G2 antenna, no additional hardware required.

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