Your Frequently Asked Satellite Push-to-Talk Questions – Answered!

How does a PTT satellite phone work?

Satellite push to talk has become more accessible and more popular to people over time. Yet, because this technology is fairly new as compared to cellular and smartphones, we hear many questions about satellite PPT systems and what they can do.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about satellite PTT, so you can better understand why it can be a boon to both your business and your everyday life.

What is Push to Talk?

Push to talk (PTT) is a service where a low profile, portable or fixed device is used to communicate between different satellite radios in the same group. This group, often referred to as the “Talk Group,” is defined through a simple map interface that allows you to define a space in the group for communication.

Is PTT Easy to Use?

You may think that accessing satellites for communications across the globe is difficult, but the truth is that this technology is very simple to use. After a Talk Group has been defined, you simply push a button and speak into the handset. Everyone in your Talk Group will hear you in seconds.

Does PTT Allow You to Communicate Anywhere?

Depending on the PTT solution, the service is 100 percent global. If the North Pole is in your Talk Group, then you could talk to Santa…theoretically of course. The global coverage provided by satellite push to talk allows you to create Talk Groups anywhere on the planet in an instant.

Can Anyone Buy a Satellite Push to Talk?

Yes, anyone can buy satellite PTT technology. In fact, many hunters, hikers, offroad racing teams and emergency responders use this technology to stay in contact with their respective groups or as a part of their safety plan when they travel into places where regular phone service simply isn’t available. There are also a variety of plans that fit practically any budget and need, from a few people who need to stay in communication to large groups or teams.

Why You Should Consider Satellite PTT?

You may be wondering how satellite PTT can be of use in your life, but the truth is there are so many applications for this type of technology. If you plan to travel, you simply want to be prepared for an emergency or natural disaster, or you spend a lot of time out in the remote wilderness for work or play, then satellite PTT is a technology that can be of great use to you.

Not to mention, satellite PTT technology is reliable, working even when cell phones will not. They cover the globe, can automatically transmit your location, and can be used to contact help in case of an emergency.

Would you like to learn more about how a PTT satellite system might benefit you? Contact ISS today and one of our friendly, helpful team can answer any questions you might have.