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Fleet One Marine Satellite Internet

The SAILOR Fleet One is the most reliable and affordable Marine Satellite Internet and Voice Solution available. 

With its compact, lightweight antenna and simple installation, the SAILOR Fleet One is a low-cost entry terminal, ideal for smaller boats with lower budgets. What you get is reliable voice and internet connectivity backed by the power of the Inmarsat-4 satellite constellation for worldwide coverage.

The Fleet One may be small, but when you're offshore and need to stay connected to the internet, this terminal  packs enough power to deliver plenty of bandwidth for email, browsing the web, checking social media and transfering files. 

Fleet One Marine Satellite Voice and Internet solution

Data and Voice

SAILOR Fleet One enables data connectivity up to 100kbps and voice calling on a single line with unlimited push-to-talk capability.  This functionality is ideal for recreational and fishing boats that need reliable voice communications and Internet connectivity on board, when cellular and traditional data networks aren’t available

Easy Installation

Installation is a breeze with it's compact size and lightweight antenna,  many owners are able to install the equipment themselves, without incurring the additional cost of hiring an installer.


With its low airtime pricing available for most coastal fishing areas, the Fleet One is a great choice for fishing vessels. Ranging more than 100 miles offshore in many areas in the US will still allow for Fleet One’s affordable “Home Region” airtime and enable fishing fleets to stay connected while out of the range of cellular and WiFi.

You don’t have to commit to a lengthy contract and there is the flexibility to suspend outside of fishing season. It makes global voice and data easily accessible enabling you to achieve greater operational efficiency and increase crew welfare while keeping the costs of communications affordable.

Recreational Users

For recreational cruisers, the Fleet One offers some of the most affordable satellite broadband connectivity on the planet. While in the “Home Region,” airtime pricing and data speeds allow for web-browsing, email, and social media updates –  allowing you to stay connected with those back home without breaking the bank.

Fleet One supports Inmarsat’s unique ‘505’ safety service, which in an emergency routes you directly to a MRCC. This means that in one phone call you can alert the safety services of your position and nature of distress, by reassuringly speaking to the Search and Rescue Services knowing that assistance will be sent.

Coastal Service Plan

With Fleet One Coastal, you can use the internet and make calls as if you were at home. You can use the standard “plug and play” Ethernet connection for your laptop, or connect your smartphones and tablets via an optional Wi-Fi router to access apps, so you can keep up with the news and sports results while you are away.

With Fleet One Coastal, recreational sailors and small regional fishing boat operators can access tailored airtime pricing in key coastal regions to keep costs down.

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