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iSatPhone Pro 2

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Satellite phones are an affordable insurance policy. It's about peace of mind.

In the event of a natural or man made disaster, if cellular networks aren't available, how will you contact the people you love? What if you or your family are in trouble and need help?

If you are traveling in a remote area where cell phone service is spotty or non-existent, how can you stay connected to the most important people in your life?

Your iPhones and Androids can do a thousand different things from reading your heart rate to checking your stock portfolio. What they can't do is reliably connect you anytime...anywhere.

In today's world, not being able to communicate is a scary thing. We've all got a 100 different ways to stay in touch with each other. Email, texting, facebook...just to name a few. We humans have a tendency to take these luxuries of staying connected for granted.

One reliable and affordable way to stay in touch with the people we care about the most, is the new iSatPhone Pro 2. This satellite phone works in 99% of the world, when nothing else does.

"Satellite" may be an intimating word for some, but the iSatPhone isn't any more complicated than making and receiving calls on your cell phone. A Sat Phones works when you need it, wherever you need it.

The IsatPhone 2 is a rugged and durable satellite phone for a tough world. The handset has been designed to deal with anything that nature throws at it – from extreme heat to sub-zero temperatures, sandstorms in the Sahara or heavy rains in the Amazon.

"I could have purchased a satellite phone from anywhere, but I chose International Satellite Services because they came highly recommended from a friend of mine.  I made the right decision.  ISS always exceeds my expectations." 
- Mark J, Naples, Florida 

isatphone pro 2The iSatPhone 2 will keep you connected in the most extreme and remote locations on earth

Long and dependable battery life on a phone is critical when you need to stay in touch with the most important people in your life; especially when you're in remote areas where cell phones have no signal strength. The iSatPhone Pro 2 has you covered with 8 hours of talk time and 160 hours on stand by.

The interface of this phone has a 2.1inch color screen. It's not touch screen capable but it's not needed as it's very easy to navigate with the physical buttons.

A large keypad makes it easy to press digits even when you’re wearing gloves. The edges of the handset are also perforated to provide the best grip possible.

The iSatPhone 2 will keep you connected in the most extreme and remote locations on earth.  

Connecting to the Satellite
People complain that satellite phones take too long to connect to the network. This phone registers in less than 45 seconds so there's absolutely no waiting around to make and receiving your calls.

The Pro 2 phone connects to a geo stationary satellite unlike other networks whose satellites move constantly, and unfortunately experience more dropped calls when they disappear behind trees and buildings.

The IsatPhone 2 operates via the world-wide Inmarsat I4 satellite network, which has a network availability of 99.9% for reliable voice connectivity (excluding the extreme polar regions), wherever and whenever you need it.   This means that the antenna needs an open view of the sky along the equator.

isatphone coverage map

Features and Benefits

 - Size (L x W x D): 6.7 x 3 x 1.14" (16.9 x 7.65
x 2.9 cm)
 - Weight: 11.2 oz (318 g)
 -  Ingress protection rating: IP65
 - Impact protection rating: IK04
 - Scratch resistant color screen
 - Micro-USB interface
 - View/send GPS location as text or email
 - Bluetooth for hands-free calling
 - Programmable emergency assistance button
 - Incoming call alerts when antenna is stowed
 - Supports text-to-text: 160 characters
 - Supports text-to-email: 160 characters
 - Free web message-to-Isatphone 2
 - 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


 - Supports Inmarsat voice and text - messaging
 - Programmable emergency assistance button
 - GPS location tracking button
 - Durable: Dust-, shock- and splash-resistant
 - Operating temperature range: -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C)
 - Battery life: Up to 8 hours talk time, 160-hours
 - 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Learn more about the Inmarsat Satellite network here.

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