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BGAN Satellite Internet

*This solution is not recommended for home or business internet requirements

BGAN Satellite Internet Overview

High Speed Satellite Data and Voice Solution

BGAN satellite internet is a portable Satellite WiFi Hotspot with high speed data and voice capability that works all over the world where traditional cellular and data networks aren't available. 

The "BGAN Control App" gives you total control of the system via any smart device, it displays signal strength, overall usage in Megabytes, it allows you to send or receive texts (including using your iMessage or other texting program), and it converts your smartphone into a sat phone to place or receive phone calls from anywhere, to anywhere in the world.

The BGAN Satellite hotspot is the most portable high speed satellite data and voice solution on the planet (weighs less than 3lbs) at a surprisingly low cost. This device works off-the-grid, when nothing else does.

Global WiFi Hotspot

As a standard WiFi hotspot, use BGAN Internet as you would any Internet connection with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. It's able to connect with up to 11 devices simultaneously without any configuration changes. It has a wireless range of 300 feet, so the terminal can be outside, while being connected wirelessly inside. And with global coverage, no matter where you travel, you will be able to get online, send and receive text messages and voice calls.

Explorer Connect - for iPhones and Android Devices.

Use your smartphone and tablets to connect, monitor and manage your satellite terminal. This device enables you to convert your smartphone into a satellite phone by simply downloading the iPhone or Android app (free). Simultaneously make calls while browsing the web.

Explorer BGAN Features

  • One-Button auto-connect to the Internet
  • Connects with up to 11 devices simultaneously.
  • Simultaneous High Speed Data and Voice Capability.
  • Internet speeds of up to 464 Kbps download, 448 Kbps up
  • Web interface for connectivity options, usage logs, call logs, many hidden features!
  • Operates in very cold or very hot weather at
  • 25°C to +55°C / -13°F to +131°F
  • Use your Android or iPhone phone to make/receive calls over BGAN
  • SMS texting from your smart device including iMessage on the iPhone
  • USB port (1 amp) for Ethernet (with adapter). Can be used as recharge port for other devices
  • CE, FCC, GMPCS and IC certified

Watch video demonstration below