RedPort MCG-101

Global Voice, Data and Tracking Solution

Unique global Voice + Data + Tracking terminal that operates as a multipurpose communications hub, Internet gateway, and intelligent GPS telematics device with the ability to send and receive data, voice, and SMS, and also connect to other devices through RS232, Ethernet, and WiFi. The MCG-101 is ideal for both stationary and mobile applications in both remote locations or for Disaster Response where voice, internet access, and tracking are critical.

The MCG-101 terminal comes with 2 Wi-Fi antennas, mounting brackets, and AC adapter. Required products/services for the MCG-101 to function that you may or may not already have are as follows:

  • - Choice of Iridium Antenna
  • - Tracking Platform
  • - Iridium SIM Card
  • - Airtime

How it works

The MCG-101 is a mounted satellite terminal that contains an Iridium satellite modem to provide voice and data services to multiple connected devices, such as: traditional analog or SIP phones, smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops. The terminal contains an internal SIM card that must be installed properly for the system to function normally. The MCG-101 also has an exposed TNC connector for attaching the required external antenna, which is procured separately in order to accommodate your specific needs, as the device is hardware agnostic. The status of the entire system can be monitored through a connected computer or through an optional DPL handset

Technical Specifications & Features

  • - Plug your existing Analog Phone into the telephone jack – all calls are digitally processed for best quality
  • - PBX capabilities – the core of the MCG-101 is a powerful processor with complete PBX capable of dynamic call functions, and easy customization via web interface
  • - Make calls from your mobile phone via the available WiFi and iPhone and Android apps
  • - GPS Tracking – the MCG-101 contains an embedded GPS receiver for GPS tracking, with 20 channels, -159dbm sensitivity, and a 2 meter accuracy

Data Capabilities

  • - Connect to the Internet at 2.4K
  • - Connect to RUDICS for custom applications
  • - Short Burst Data for small messages
  • - Ethernet for automatic dialup
  • - Serial port for legacy modems or applications


The MCG-101 is a fully capable processing platform that can be easily configured for custom call routing, data applications, and special projects. The intelligent PBX can run an entire office, and run custom software. Using the MCG-101 as a standard platform minimizes development time for your own more complex projects. An SDK is available for this purpose. 

The MCG-101 is based on a rock solid Linux core, using the latest Iridium 9523N modem, providing access to voice, data, SMS, SBD, and RUDICS over Ethernet, WiFi, USB, and POTS.


MCG-101 Specifications