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Where has all the good satellite support gone?

I hear it all the time from new customers, "I called several other companies but no one returned my call or the person we talked to at such and such company was rude and didn't seem to care about our needs," Although I appreciate the new business, it's a shame the inquiring "could be" customer, experienced such personal service lethargy and indifference from our competitors support team.

My question to all companies out there no matter the industry, "Why aren't you treating your customers or potential customers like you would a friend, with kindness, fairness and an overall willingness to help.

Although the Satellite Communications industry IS rocket science, treating customers and/or potential clientele like you expect to be treated is far from a difficult concept to grasp. Yet, so many businesses in the Sat Com world lose sight and fall short in the "quality" customer support department.

When it comes to satellite communication devices, there are hundreds of different places one could shop to find them. I tell people to keep in mind that anyone can sell you a satellite phone or satellite internet terminal at any price, however, when it comes to support after the purchase, will that same company be available to answer your questions? Does the company offer 24 hour customer support? Is the support offered user friendly or is it communicated in tough to understand "engineer speak" Do they care enough to treat your questions and/or concerns as the highest priority?

Because the products and services we provide often require support after the sale, it is so crucial the customer feel confident, should a technical issue arise, that a sincere, knowledgeable and down to earth technical consultant be availabe around the clock to address questions and concerns.

Quality customer support needs to be the focus of every company. We start with our currrent customer base and ask them how we can improve what we do. If we are always engaged with our customers, we never lose sight of what they need and how they want to be treated.

Whatever the business, if you truly care about the people interested in your products and services, you will come across like a trusted friend, someone they will WANT to continue to do business with. After all, what you put out in life and in business, you get back in spades.....more business, more friends !! What could be better?