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Inmarsat ISat Phone Pro

New Complete Specs on Inmarat’s IsatPhone Pro. This has everyone in the industry talking

This new global handheld satellite phone due out in June by Inmarsat (IsatPhone Pro) has a longer battery life, clearer voice quality and will be priced more competitively than the competition.

The above mentioned specs alone are enough to get everyone in the industry excited for the release of this new technology into the market.

Longer battery life

No other satellite phone battery on the market offers this much battery life - up to 8 hours of talk time and as much as 100 hours on standby.

The IsatPhone Pro is the most robust of it’s kind – splash, dust and shock resistant, with an Ingress Protection rating of IP54 capable of functioning in the most extreme temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius

This is also the only handheld satellite phone to be Bluetooth supported and it can be placed on its side to allow for hands-free use. As far as features, the phone will have also have text and email messaging, voicemail and data location info available for users to look up or send in via text message

Inexpensive airtime…relative to the competition

The phone itself has an intuitive interface with a clear color screen, and large keypad for easy dialing.

The MSRP is $699, however promotions are expected to provide a more realistic end user price of $500-600. Retail airtime rates will be around $1 per minute.

Representative Helen Stalker of Inmarsat says the “IsatPhone Pro raises the bar in the handheld satellite phone market. This phone works in just about any condition, from tropical humidity to freezing blizzards to rain storms and dust storms.”

Because of the long battery life, users can rely on this phone when they're in the middle of nowhere and have no other way of communicating. This is a totally reliable global network connection with great voice quality that anyone will be able to use. Not to mention that all these great features come with an extremely affordable price

This phone will primarily target the government, oil and gas, media and mining and construction sectors.