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Test Your Iridium Satellite Phone

With Hurricance season upon us, International Satellite Services encourages you to test your Iridium Satellite phone to make sure it is in an operational status. If you own an Iridium satellite phone, just dial 00-1-480-752-5105 from your phone.

If your satellite phone is working, you will hear a recorded message, along with quick tips on proper usage of handset. If you discover your phone is not working properly, contact ISS at 888-511-3403. Iridium customers will not be charged for airtime when calling this number.

When an emergency situation arises, you need to be ready for the worst case scenario. If you test your satellite phone regularly, you can avoid potential problems.


-Test your phone monthly

-Keep the battery charge

For optimal performance, completely discharge before fully charging.

-Ensure SIM card is locked in place

-Remove the battery to check tray is securely positioned and locked.

Protect your phone's antenna

-Stow antenna in the 'down position' when not in use.

Call outside with a clear view

-Avoid obstructions to sky and horizon such as buildings and trees