3 Places You’ll Wish You Had Satellite Internet

Satellite internet for camping with portable satellite internet

Satellite internet access is delivered through communication satellites orbiting the earth.

Access to the internet is a privilege we have come to take for granted. Our entire lives are connected through the internet with much of our banking, health care, travel planning and mapping, emergencies, employment and shopping handled online.

We all know there is no worse feeling than needing internet access and not having it because of outages, being in remote locations or any other reason. Although satellite internet isn’t quite as fast as most high speed internet connections, it is a great resource to have when in rural or remote areas.

Here are 3 key places you’d be happy that you decided to invest in satellite internet.

Satellite Internet At Sea

If you are a fisherman, recreational sailor or anyone else who finds themselves out to sea for lengthy periods of time, cell phone and internet can be spotty, if not impossible to access.

Whatever your reason to be out on the ocean blue, many of life’s day-to-day tasks still need to be taken care of back on land. Bills need to be paid, communication with family and friends to let them know you’re ok or in the even of any emergency, satellite internet access in these time is a must.

Portable satellite internet systems don’t require any cables or wires, just a portable satellite dish, like the iSatHub portable satellite hotspot, which deliver internet access just about anywhere on Earth.

Satellite Internet In The Forest

Whether you’re a hunter, logger or just camping off the grid, you still need to stay in touch with the real world to handle business, check your stock portfolio or even track your own whereabouts. The BGAN Satellite Hotspot is a lightweight, portable high-speed satellite hotspot that works incredibly well when your laptop of smartphone can’t pick up cell service.

Furthermore, having satellite internet access for a family camping trip can come in handy when the kids are bored and want to play video games, check their Facebook or upload their new outdoors dance routine to TikTok.

Satellite Internet On A Ski Trip

If you’ve ever been on a ski vacation with family or a group of friends, you know that it’s extremely easy for the group to get separated. Cell phones and two-way radios are great, but often times lose signal in valleys or between mountain peaks.

Satellite internet and satellite phones, like the Iridium GO! don’t rely on cell towers or radio waves in order to connect to each other, so changing lunch plans, informing your pal of a sick run or any emergency needs go through without having to wait or search around for signal.

While portable satellite internet devices aren’t a serious replacement for smartphones in everyday life, they are great to have when venturing out into no man’s land. Talk to a International Satellite Services specialist today to find out which portable satellite internet device and plan is right for you.

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