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Frequent Users of Satellite Phones and Communication Devices

At International Satellite Services Inc., we’re proud to offer a wide range of mobile satellite phone, satellite push-to-talk, and portable internet solutions for those who require them. From our Iridium networks to our range of Inmarsat BGAN devices and many others in between, we have all the latest technology when it comes to satellite communications.

There are several groups that regularly utilize satellite phones and similar technology, whether for personal or business-related purposes. Let’s go over some of the most common.

Business Travelers

Today’s modern economy is unquestionably a global one, with technology allowing us to connect to every corner of the world. This also extends to travel – the frequency of business sector travel to other countries and continents only continues to rise.

And while many are familiar with the challenges of communicating in other places based on language and culture barriers, fewer have go-to solutions when it comes to the actual logistics of long-distance communication. Even if you’re in a country without the internet and cell phone service capabilities of the US or another similar nation, knowing you have the ability to communicate to your home base is vital.

Other Travelers

Business travelers aren’t the only types who commonly use satellite communications, however. Those who travel regularly for personal reasons often have similar needs in terms of communicating with the outside world, whether it’s for unexpected events or emergency needs. While these are often good to have around just as a precaution, there are many situations where access to a satellite phone has actually saved lives or helped people be safer due to their ability to communicate from remote locations.


Many areas of the scientific world also involve significant travel and discovery, including to less accessible regions that are still being studied. Think about scientists who spend time studying the Amazon rainforest, for instance, or those in the Antarctic region still discovering new wildlife. Isolation is often vital for these kinds of research, but it’s also important to be able to communicate back to larger parts of civilization for several reasons.


Finally, another group that often needs to combine remote travel with access to worldwide communication is journalists, who travel all over the globe but have to be able to transmit information and perhaps even file stories from anywhere. Some journalists even experience unsafe environments or situations, in which case it’s vital to have a satellite device with emergency features.

Satellite communication devices are vital to anyone traveling off the grid in remote areas around the world where terrestrial communication solutions, like cell phones and traditional internet services, aren’t accessible.

For more on the varying groups who commonly utilize satellite phones and similar forms of communication, or to learn about any of our satellite technology, speak to the staff at International Satellite Services Inc. today.