Satellite Two-Way Radio: The Ultimate Guide

Satellite two way radio

Many people remember having (or really wanting) walkie-talkies when they were younger. They seemed so neat – you could talk to your best friend that lived next door after you were supposed to be in bed or share secret messages with your siblings.

Today, you can make your childhood walkie-talkie dreams come true but on a much larger scale with a satellite two-way radio.

While it’s true that the world is more connected today than it’s ever been, there are still some places where communication on demand is challenging. This is where long-range communication devices like satellite two-way radios come into play. Here’s what you need to know about this technology to decide if it’s right for you.


Two-Way Satellite Radio: Who Needs It?

Two-way satellite radios may not be something you currently think of as a must-have, but they really are incredibly useful for so many different people. Yes, they can be the difference between life and death in some situations, but they also make life a lot more convenient if you routinely travel to areas where phone service can be spotty at best.

Some of the people who benefit most from two-way satellite radios include:

  • Emergency workers such as firefighters and police
  • Hunters
  • School staff
  • Fishermen
  • Contractors and construction workers
  • Preppers
  • Security officials
  • Crew aboard a vessel

Basically, if you work in an area or enjoy spending time in areas where cellular service can be unreliable, then a satellite two-way radio may be just what you need.

What Satellite Radio Features Do You Need?

When looking for a satellite-two-way radio, you may not be sure where to start – and there’s more than one type to choose from, too! Here are some features you be on the lookout for when shopping:

  • Range – Probably the most important feature for a lot of people in the market for this type of satellite radio is how much range it can cover. If you think your use will be using them in close proximity to others, such as on school grounds, then the range will matter less than if you were using them for an outdoor adventure or as a back up in emergency situations.
  • Durability – You may need a radio that can withstand all sorts of weather conditions or can take a pounding from outdoor activities. You’ll find a host of satellite two-way radios that hold up under more rugged conditions as well as models that are for less rough use.
  • Emergency alerts – In order to stay safe, a satellite two-way radio must have an all hazard or emergency alert. This will ensure you receive important weather information in your area, which is handy to have if you’re exploring the wilderness.
  • Group calls – A great feature for a satellite two-way radio is a mode that allows group as well as direct calls. This allows you to toggle between the two for better communication.

Satellite two-way radios have many uses and can be used by several different people in strikingly different circumstances. Even better, you might be surprised by how affordable these systems can be. Talk to the experts at International Satellite Services today to find the best two-way radio for you.