How can I send and receive emails through my satellite phone?

satellite optimizer

Looking to send data over your satellite phone but don’t know where to begin? Problem solved…and for less than the cost of dinner for 4 with a bottle of wine in a nice restaurant!

Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya, or Lightsquared, regardless of which constellation or which portable satellite internet device you’re using, with XGATE together with the Optimizer you’ll be:

  • sending and receiving emails
  • attaching files
  • sending Tweets
  • updating your Facebook page
  • using VOIP
  • downloading weather data (receive GRIB files)
  • redit card processing
  • transfering files – manually and automated.
  • web browsing and web caching with XWEB
  • sending videos and images

Compatible with nearly every known operating system available in the market today, the Optimizer powered by RedPort, will keep you in touch with the people that matter the most, be they family, friends or business associates. Not much larger than a deck of cards, the Optimizer interfaces with virtually every data capable satellite radio on the planet including the BGAN satellite, MSAT G2 and IsatPhone Pro, just to mention a few.

XGATE is state-of-the-art data compression software. The Optimizer is a router that creates the ultimate firewall and WiFi hotspot. Together they provide the perfect combination of airtime saving efficiency, virus protection, while easily accessing the services that you need.

That file that may have taken 10 MB’s to transfer now may take 2. What may have taken 60 minutes to transfer now may take 3. On average, XGAT uses only 5% of the data of a standard email program. That means that you will save up to 95% of airtime costs compared to using your satellite email without XGATE. That’s a HUGE savings!

Choose one of 22 available languages. Use an “included” email address or the same old familiar email address that you use with Outlook or Apple Mail. There are even options that allow you to set the SEND and RECEIVE addresses so others see whatever email address you would like them to see.

XGATE BigMail gives you a heads up when someone sends you an extra-large file, giving you the option to elect to download it now or wait until you are on another connection. XGATE gives you the files that you need when you need them, saving the video of Fido for later. XGATE servers scan every email for viruses and spam, blocking them before they go over your satellite system, saving you money in airtime costs and keeping your device clean.

XWEB works with XGATE to let you browse the Internet, with 3 to 5 times average acceleration, unheard of before in satellite technology. In fact, when was the last time you even considered browsing the internet over your BGAN satellite, IsatPhone Pro or MSAT G2? I thought so!

So, to summarize, the Satellite Optimizer with XGATE provides:

– The services that you want…Email, Internet, Weather, Social Media, Blogging and GPS Tracking
– The way that you want them…Easy, Affordable and Reliable
– The Devices that you use…Computers, Tablets, and Smart Phones using Apple iOS and Google Android
– The satellite networks that you need…Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya and Lightsquared.

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