iSatPhone Pro Satellite Phone offers up to 20kbps data globally

satellite phone

The leading provider of worldwide mobile satellite communications services, Inmarsat, just announced the availability of a data service on the iSatPhone Pro satellite phone. This new circuit switched data enhancement will now support data rates up to 20kbps.

“IsatPhone Pro is ideally suited for use as a data service,” said Drew Brandy, Director of Land Services at Inmarsat. “The handset design means the IsatPhone Pro satellite phone can be simply placed on its side with the antenna extended for connection to the satellite while a micro USB cable connects it to a PC.

“We are very pleased with the performance of IsatPhone Pro’s data capability. It is proving to be very robust whether using generic or customised applications. In testing we have actually exceeded 20kbps throughput with plain text email on several occasions. It’s ideal for those people wanting to access emails, jpegs, documents or PDFs,” he said.

“IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone has achieved a great deal since it was launched barely nine months ago: winning an award for innovation, gathering fantastic reviews and being used in every single country in which satellite communications is authorised,” said Drew. “But, as today’s announcement shows, we don’t stop looking for ways to enhance the service for our end users. We expect this new data capability to be very well received.”

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