Staying Connected on the Trail


The iSatPhone Pro 2 is a wise choice for the Great Outdoors.

If you’ve embarked on high adventure, you know the dangers that can come from being out of cell phone range.  Making a trek without a working mobile phone and no way to communicate puts your life at risk if there’s no way to call for help. Fortunately, with advanced satellite technology, you can be prepared for whatever nature brings, even in the most remote areas.

The new IsatPhone Pro 2 builds on existing satellite communications, taking the capabilities of portable satellite phones to a whole new level. Easy to use in multiple languages, this Sat Phone provides the connectivity you need when you’re hiking or backpacking into the wilderness anywhere on the planet. The device functions on the far edges of the grid, and it is built to outlast extreme weather conditions.

With the new IsatPhone Pro 2, you’ll enjoy fast network registration, getting access to the satellite network in less than 45 seconds. Once you’re connected, you’ll have eight hours of talk time at your disposal, and you’ll have the ability to keep your phone on for up to 160 hours, in standby mode.

The IsatPhone Pro 2 operates via Inmarsat’s satellites, a global network with an average availability of 99.9 percent, ensuring that the network connection is reliable and the calls remain stable. That means you can depend on the satellite phone for a reliable connection, anywhere and anytime you need it. Even though you may have trekked far into the wilderness, you’ll enjoy high voice quality via this mobile device, making each call crisp and clear.

In addition to the clear connection you’ll experience, you’ll also be able to use your satellite phone in extreme conditions. The phone can withstand severe weather temperatures, continuing to function in climates as low as -20°C and in sweltering heat up to 55°C and more.

If you’re in the desert, you’ll be comforted to know that this satellite phone will resist the effects of dust and shock. The phone is also splash resistant, allowing you to continue to use the device in wet areas. It can tolerate humidity levels from 0 to 95 percent. This phone also offers a high-visibility transflective display, which will resist scratches and give you a fast read of the screen in harsh sunlight.

The new generation model of this handheld device offers unparalleled battery life, while giving you the excellent sound quality and reliability you need out on the trail. It has been engineered to survive in anything nature can throw at it, from scorching heat to icy blasts, sandstorms or monsoon rain. Safety features are included on the device to give outdoor enthusiasts the best possible experience from their phone.   This handset was built for the most rugged conditions, so it will work hard to match your perseverance on the trail.

The features available on the phone include voicemail, texting and email messaging, as well as alerts for incoming calls that come even when the antenna is tucked into the device. You can also use the assistance button to send out your GPS location data or send an emergency text to pre-set numbers in order to call for help.  The iSatPhone Pro 2 has Bluetooth connectivity so you can use the phone hands-free.

Consider taking this satellite phone with you on your next high adventure, whether you are summitting Everest or hiking the John Muir Trail, you’ll be amazed at the phone’s ability to match your endurance in the great outdoors. Wherever your next adventure takes you, this phone is a great companion and may just save your life.

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