Value of Iridium Satellite Equipment: Coverage and Durability

value Iridium satellite equipment

If you’re spending time in off-grid, remote areas where traditional forms of communication aren’t always viable, satellite communication might be your best bet — and naturally, you want to be working with reliable equipment and networks here. There are a few industry leaders in this realm, and one that many who have needs in this area should be aware of is a company called Iridium.

At International Satellite Services, we’re immensely proud to provide equipment and services from several industry leaders in the satellite phone, radio and internet space, including Iridium and their fantastic products. Why is this company one of the most recognizable in the satellite communications world, and what are some of its top qualities? This two-part blog series will go over several elements.

Global Coverage

Coverage anywhere is a huge factor for many who are in need of satellite phones and related products, and Iridium is the only company that’s managed to offer truly legitimate global satellite voice and data coverage. This means that whether you’re making your way through the backcountry, or crossing oceans to get there, Iridium is constantly working to provide an infrastructure of satellite phones and plans on which you can rely for instant communication.

This is due to Iridium’s vast network of satellites, which numbers over 60 that are constantly orbiting. As long as you have a view of the sky, or even an antenna that allows you to latch onto a passing satellite, your Iridium phone is constantly picking up and transmitting data. This makes it very easy for anyone who’s using this brand’s products to get the connectivity they need in many remote areas where traditional communication methods fall short.

Durable Equipment

In addition to quality coverage, those using satellite communications need durable equipment that can handle some wear and tear. With this in mind, Iridium has been known to manufacture industry-leading devices that are extremely ruggedized and weatherproofed. This means you don’t have to worry about the elements giving you constant down time, as these phones will take a beating and keep on working.

These products are not only resistant to water, but also to dust, dirt and other debris, ensuring that they continue to provide the kind of connectivity you need out in the field. Iridium has even gone so far as to support Iridium GO! service options, which allow you to use their phones inside vehicles with ease, making them even more applicable for those who work or live on the road, or just want to take their satellite phone with them on the go.

For more on why Iridium is an industry leader in satellite communications who we’re proud to work with, or for information on any of our satellite networks or devices, speak to the team at International Satellite Services today.

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