What Can Go Wrong in the Woods, Did Go Wrong for Steve Hyde


From Bad to Worse

It was a memorable day trip into the woods for Calgarian Steve Hyde — his motorhome got stuck, he had a heart attack, a search crew helping out him drove off a cliff, he got a ride in a medical helicopter and the RCMP babysat his kids.

Hyde recently headed to the Crowsnest Pass with his daughters, aged 11 and 12, with plans to dirt bike up a mountain to the scene of a Second World War bomber that crashed there.

Well, the best laid plans …

He took his motorhome up a side road to get near the area of the crash but got stuck.

His first Good Samaritan of the day jumped into action and pulled his motorhome out using their pickup truck.

The girls went ahead on the trail on their bikes while Hyde, 53, followed behind in his motorhome.

He started to feel unwell.

“Probably three or four km up the road, there is a fork in a road and a stream there.” Hyde said

“I laid in the stream to recover, I just thought I overdid it.”

But the cold mountain stream didn’t improve things for Hyde.

“About 15 minutes later, I didn’t get any better. Not one bit. I knew I was in trouble,” he said.

Cue Guardian Angels Part 2, a group of quadders who where heading up the trail.

“I think I’m having a heart attack,” he told them.

“They took charge, and there was a nurse there.

“One of the guys took me onto his ATV, and was thrashing over boulders, I was holding onto whatever I could.”

After escaping the brush, the quadders used a satellite phone to call for help.

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