Wired Review of the Best Portable Satellite Voice and Data Solutions


The Wired Review of the Sat-Fi, iSatHub and Iridium Go Satellite Voice and Data Solutions

SATELLITE COMMUNICATION HAS become much more accessible to recreationalists in recent years. One- and two-way text messaging devices from SPOT, DeLorme, and TextAnywhere have already made strong headway into the hands of amateur and professional adventurers. Now there’s a new generation of satellite communications options for amateur adventurers and professionals alike.

The three satellite devices I tested all work by creating a portable, satellite-based Wi-Fi network for your smartphone, tablet and/or laptop to connect to. Then they can make voice calls or transfer data (email, text messages, upload photos, etc.). I tested them in a variety of situations and environments, including remote areas like the deserts of Utah and Arizona, in the mountains of Colorado, and along the rivers and lakes of the Maine Woods. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able conduct tests in any far-flung international destinations.

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