2 Men Are Rescued in the Desert After Getting Stuck in the Sand in Off-Roading Attempt


June 23rd, 2016

Two Chinese men whose car was stuck in the middle of the desert have been rescued.

The men were about a mile away from any road when they got in trouble and had to call Dubai Police.

Lt Col Ahmed Burqibah, deputy director of the Search and Rescue Department, said that the men called at about 11.25am on Thursday.

“They were stuck about 1 mile away from any main roads, toward Hatta and Oman behind the Dubai Sports Club," he said. “The rescue team located their position via satellite and was able to reach them in 15 minutes."

Lt Col Burqibah said that once the rescue team arrived, they gave the men food and water but they were both in good health.

He urged those who wish to go off-road in the desert to have proper equipment, such as a satellite phone, torches, a first-aid kit and tools to help lift a vehicle out of the sand.

“If a person is unable to get a signal on their phone, they must try to reach the highest hill for a signal or send a message to Dubai Police," said Lt Col Burqibah. “They can also use the SOS button on the Dubai Police smart app, which will allow us to locate their positions."

The two men thanked police for their efforts and said they were relieved to be rescued.

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