Callie “Blue Heron” North faces the Wild of Patagonia Alone


Usage of the satellite phone would automatically signal the end of the contestant’s participation in the challenge”

Nov 30th, 2016

Lopez, Washington native Callie “Blue Heron” North, tackled the untamed wild of Patagonia Argentina for History Channel’s survivalist television show “Alone.” The series’ season premiere will air on Thursday, Dec. 8.

“I had this overwhelming intuitive feeling like ‘I’m going to do that,’” said North, who owns Pachamama Apothecary in the Lopez Village.

Now in its third season, the show features participants who enter the wilderness carrying only what they can fit in a backpack (see page 3 for what North had with her). They are alone in harsh, unforgiving terrain with a single mission: to survive as long as they can.

They must hunt, build shelters and fend off predators as they endure extreme isolation and psychological distress while plunging into the unknown. They document the experience themselves. There are no camera crews or producers. It is the ultimate test of human will as contestants hope to win a cash prize of $500,000.

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