Cost Control Tips for BGAN


BGAN Cost Control tips and tricks:

BGAN is incredible satellite communications technology. For remote communications, simultaneous mobile satellite voice and satellite internet have never been this feasible and user friendly. All this being said, the terminal must be managed so as to avoid getting high usage bills which can deter future usage.

I have put together this post to maximize BGAN performance and control usage costs….no matter which terminal you happen to be using. These simple steps will go a long way to keep usage costs right where you expect they should be…with no surprises.
Ideally, these recommendations should be implemented prior to departure. Always make sure to set up and test your unit so you’re confident the unit will be plug and play once you need to use it.
In addition to the User Guide included with your system, our technical support gurus are available 24/7. We can assist you with your BGAN terminal set up, software installation, use of the product and we’ll answer any other questions or problems you may have. Call us at 1 888-511-3403 or 239-598-2241

To Maximize BGAN Performance

When using your BGAN terminal, you must have an open look to the sky, with no hindrances such as tall buildings, trees or mountains between the terminal and satellite. Clouds, fog, rain, snow, wind and smoke will not affect reception and call quality like with satellite TV….called rain fade.

Cost control

Please remember when you use BGAN, you are responsible for all data that is transmitted and received from your computer in 50KB increments. Theoretically, you could be billed for 50KB when you only use 10KB. It’s best not to log in repeatedly to send individual emails. The ideal option would be to save your emails as drafts then log on to send them all at one time. In some cases, you may be paying for activity you were not aware of. Below are some tips to help reduce unnecessary data transmissions and manage your satellite usage costs.

  1. Disable any automatic updates so you don’t pay for un-necessary information like Windows system updates, antivirus updates and more.
  2. Do not leave web pages open while you are working in other applications or while your computer is unattended. You will be charged when pages refresh.
  3. Minimize use of streaming media* or even better, disable multimedia options in your web browser. Video, music and voice applications use significant data.
  4. Use client-based email instead of webmail. Using webmail like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo can be 10 to 20 times more expensive than Outlook, Eudora or Entourage.
  5. Enable WEPKEY for Wi-Fi networks. Specifically, the Hughes HNS 9201 and the Thrane & Thrane 700 have Wi-Fi enabled capability with no security. Other people may see your unprotected network and piggyback on and this can lead to very high unexpected usage. Please disable the Wi-Fi feature for extra protection. See the user guide for encryption standards.
  6. Minimize sending and downloading large files. Inlcludes photos and videos

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