GEOS’ Free SOS Service for iSatPhone Pro 2 Postpaid Customers

SOS service

Inmarsat is now offering all post-pay IsatPhone 2 customers access to GEOS’ Worldwide Emergency Response Coordination service….FREE of Charge. The service takes advantage of the IsatPhone 2’s assistance button located at the top of the phone. The GEOS’ service enables customers to contact the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC), simply by pressing the assistance button. When this button is pressed, it triggers and sends a message containing the end user’s GPS coordinates, sent over Inmarsat’s Global I4 Satellites. When the emergency notification request is received, the response center which is staffed 24-7 and located in Houston Texas, will contact the end user directly and find out the nature of the emergency. GEOS staff will then reach out to the appropriate authorities to begin search and rescue efforts

“Increasingly, safety and security are paramount concerns among satellite phones customers who often work in isolated or volatile areas,” said Greg Ewert, President, Inmarsat Enterprise. “The GEOS service is an excellent complement to the IsatPhone 2’s tracking functionality, and coupled with the global reach of Inmarsat’s reliable satellite network, will provide a welcome peace of mind for new and existing IsatPhone 2 customers.” “We are extremely pleased to welcome Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 users to the broad global family of members all over the world protected by the GEOS global umbrella” stated David Ruby, CEO of GEOS Worldwide.

The service is available free-of-charge to all existing and new IsatPhone 2 post-pay customers. Pre-pay customers can also access the service; however GEOS will charge an annual fee.

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