What’s so special about the MSAT G2 Dispatch Radio?

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In less than 20 years, the mobile satellite communications business has evolved from a nicheMSAT G2 Satellite Radio market consisting of a very few very expensive options to today’s market, offering a wide variety of terminals supporting a near infinite range of functionality, spanning an equally confusing price point range. However, navigating the complexities of todays portable sat com market, doesn’t have to be difficult. All it requires is having a little knowledge of what technology is available, being realistic as to what constitutes your specific communications needs and setting egos aside.

This article considers a typical business with multiple remote locations, all operating within the North American footprint (more on that later). The locations could be vessels at sea, vehicles or fixed terrestrial installations. The MSAT G2 is available in all three configurations. What all the locations have in common is that they need both inter and intra company voice communications as well as some data capability and they have no access to cell phone or terrestrial PSTN telephone service. This business is a prime candidate for mobile satellite communications.

Available industry data shows that the majority of Voice and Data communications is typically inter-company, with Voice requirements being of primary concern in most cases. The G2 is the only sat com available on the market today that supports flat rate unlimited all you can eat, inter-company voice communications for one nominal monthly charge.

Known as Dispatch Radio or Push-to-Talk (PTT) this service functions similarly to a VHF radio but without the geographic limitations and static ridden transmissions. Voice transmissions over PTT are crystal clear, often more clear than talking on your cell phone.

Another feature unique to PTT is the ability to choose to communicate privatelywith just one location at a time or select the “broadcast” mode option and speak with all company locations simultaneously, conference calling if you will. Add the “Dial-In” feature (for literally pennies per month) and you can Dial Into a PTT transmission from any landline or cell phone and enjoy the same flat rate benefits as if you were calling from another MSAT G2.

Do you really need High Speed Data capability?

We all know the guy that just has to own the latest and the greatest, sexiest product on the market, even if he doesn’t need or use it. (Just check out the line at any Apple store the first day of a new iPhone release.) Leave your ego at the door when you’re shopping satellite technology or you’ll likely end up spending too much money purchasing too much terminal resulting in not using it as much as you should (or need to) because of the steep learning curve and cost of operation.

Interface the MSAT G2 with the very inexpensive (under $200.00) Optimizer and you’ll be sending and receiving emails and files all for a nominal rate per minute, usually under $1.00.

High Speed Data is available in satellite communications and when you need it you need it, we get that. Just expect to pay a heavy premium for it.

If your requirement is for satellite communcations and your business operates within an area bounded by Alaska to the North, Venezuela to the South, California to Nova Scotia, all US coastal waters including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean

  • AND you need primarily Voice and Data
  • AND you don’t want to spend a fortune
  • AND you don’t have an Engineering degree from MIT

Consider the MSAT G2, perhaps the most under-rated hard working mobile satellite terminal on the market today.

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