Busting the 3 Biggest Myths About Satellite Push-To-Talk

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Satellite push-to-talk (PTT) is an amazing way to communicate with people from almost anywhere you may find yourself. Those in the know about this amazing technology are quick to adopt it for all of their communications needs. If you haven’t gotten the 411 on PTT yet, or if you’ve bought in to some of the myths surrounding this technology, it’s time to clear up some confusion.

Here at International Satellite Services, we want to set the record straight about some of the misconceptions you may have. Once you know the truth, you may discover just how much satellite communications can enhance and offer some peace of mind in your personal and/or professional life.

Myth No. 1: Satellite PTT Is Too Expensive

Like many other forms of electronics, satellite technology has advanced significantly over the past decade. With that advancement, these products have become surprisingly affordable.

Unfortunately, even though this technology is affordable for almost any budget, people often recall how expensive this technology used to be. And, for that reason, they never even consider looking into the actual costs, assuming satellite PTT devices are outside their price range.

Not only are these solutions affordable but they can provide a solid return on investment. For businesses, a loss of communication could cost you time, money and customers. Or, if you’re considering a PTT device for personal use, imagine the potential outcomes if you’re somewhere outside of standard cell range when there’s an urgent need for communication.

Myth No. 2: Satellite PTT Can Only Be Used Outdoors

Another common myth satellite technology is that PTT devices can only be used outside, but that simply isn’t the case!

You can use many different satellite PTT systems inside buildings, on boats, on planes or in virtually any other enclosed space you can imagine. As long as you have the proper equipment – such as a mounted or auxiliary antenna – you can enjoy uninterrupted communication whenever and wherever you need it.

Myth No. 3: Power Outages Make Satellite PTT Useless

Another prevailing misunderstanding is that, when the power goes out, satellite PTT solutions won’t work. The truth of the matter is that, if it weren’t for satellite technology, emergency responders likely wouldn’t be able to communicate any other way during times where the power isn’t working.

Satellite technology doesn’t rely on cell towers or power grids. In fact, you can even charge most models with solar power.

Hopefully, we have helped clear up a few misunderstandings regarding satellite push-to-talk. At International Satellite Services, Inc., we have a wide variety of options for sat phones and satellite PTT devices, including service plans priced to suit every budget. We can also provide you with all the information and equipment you need to stay in constant communication no matter where you go. Contact us today to learn more!