When Can You Really Use Satellite Push-to-Talk?

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Smartphones rule the day. That’s why in many places around  the world, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone without a smartphone in their pocket or handbag. The technology surrounding smartphones and cellular services is quite amazing and people are lucky to have the  ubiquitous power of this service at their fingertips.

Even with the conveniences of the modern communication services, there are a lot of places in the world where a smartphone won’t do you any good. But in the absence of service in many places, satellite push-to-talk can come to the rescue – sometimes literally!

Here are the most common uses of satellite push-to-talk that you may want to consider.

Staying Connected On the Job

Many people work in remote corners of the world. In many of these places, it’s simply not an option to pick up your smartphone and make a call. That’s why in these situations, satellite push-to talk is so valuable. It allows remote job sites and teams of people to stay in communication with their home bases and works to help ensure constant communication and safety as well.

Even on many remote job sites, traditional walkie-talkie technology simply won’t work because it’s out of range of traditional radio or cellular towers. Again, satellite push-to-talk ensures that reliable and steady communication is possible because it doesn’t rely on terrestrial solutions that have many limitations.

Disaster Response

Natural disasters can strike without warning. When they do, communications are often the first thing to go, which can make disaster response more difficult. Luckily, satellite PTT is a technology that can’t be interrupted by a natural disaster, since the satellites that make communications possible are orbiting the planet. Satellite push to talk helps disaster response teams to stay in constant contact so they coordinate their response and help those that need it faster and more efficiently.

Travel & Adventure

If you have a flair for adventure and love the great outdoors, then satellite PTT is also a useful tool for you. While venturing deep into nature is serene and picturesque, it’s also a bit risky. If something happens, you have no way to communicate with the outside world since it’s likely your  smartphone will be out of range That’s why if you’re planning an adventure in a remote corner of the world, a satellite phone or PTT device is a must to help ensure your safety and make sure those who care about you know you’re okay.

Hunting & Camping

If you love to camp and hunt, then chances are you might find yourself in some fairly remote places where there’s no chance your iphone or android is going to work. In times like these, you need a reliable connection to the outside world in case of an accident. Satellite technology is perfect for avid hunters, allowing them to stay connected to everything that matters most and to ensure they’re taking every safety precaution necessary to put their minds at ease.

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