Who Can Benefit from Satellite Push to Talk Radio?

Could I benefit from a push to talk system

Satellite push to talk allow you to talk to anyone, anywhere. It’s like having your own personal radio tower that allows you to call anywhere between the equator to the North Pole. Now imagine putting that power of satellite push to talk radio into the hands of your private network, allowing your employees to communicate from anywhere in the field.

There are so many industries that can benefit from satellite push to talk radio. Is yours one of them? Read on to find out the four industries that can benefit the most from harnessing the power of this type of communication.

Utility Companies

Utility workers must be able to stay connected with their dispatch center no matter what.

They also need to have clear communication with dispatch to let them know when utilities may be down in certain areas for service or when utilities can be brought back up after a storm or other natural disaster. Satellite push to talk radio systems can help to ensure that that communication can be maintained no matter where they are or the conditions, they’re in.


Those who work in forestry are used to being in remote locations where cell signals simply aren’t available. Satellite push to talk radio allows workers to communicate with each other and their teams from the farthest reaches of the wilderness. They can also contact their main offices for updates and to get help when they need it.

Law Enforcement

There are few fields where communication is a life or death matter, but law enforcement is one of them. Officers must be able to communicate clearly with one another without interference. Although traditional radio communication is used in many places for law enforcement, satellite radio allows for more privacy in communication and can work in places more traditional phone or radio services cannot.

Public Safety

Organizations that must coordinate and respond to disasters can benefit greatly from the use of satellite push to talk radio. Public safety organizations in places that experience natural disasters such as hurricanes must be able to communicate with first responders and each other. Using push to talk radio allows public safety divisions to work together on one signal to make sure efforts are in coordination with one another – something essential in places where it’s not uncommon for cell service to be down in the event of an emergency.

Push to talk satellite radios, such as the Iridium portable push to talk radio and the MSAT-G2 push to talk radio offered by International Satellite Services, are a terrific way to ensure communication is possible no matter where you are. In industries such as the ones discussed above, where good communication is integral to getting the job done right, you simply can’t go wrong with push to talk satellite radio. If you’re interested in learning more, contact the experts at ISS today.

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