Inmarsat’s BGAN M2M

oil and gas machinery

The next stage in unmanned IP data connectivity will be available soon with the release in February, 2012 of the Inmarsat BGAN M2M. A cost-effective alternative to saturated terrestrial cellular networks, this technology has been ideally made for the Utilities, Oil and Gas. Along with its ubiquitous coverage, the BGAN Satellite SCADA M2M allows for the following applications, among others:

  • IP and non-IP SCADA
  • Secure ATM/POS solutions
  • Fixed Asset Monitoring
  • Telemetry
  • Surveillance

Inmarsat’s proprietary satellite communications technology will provide a global, IP-based low-data rate service for individuals and companies needing to accommodate permanently unmanned environments with high levels of data availability.

Custom suited for fixed assets such as pipelines and oil well heads, or backhauling electricity consumption data within a utility, BGAN M2M enables high frequency, low latency data reporting.

Considering BGAN Satellite SCADA M2M is a fixed Standard IP service, those who use the device can take advantage of data speeds in excess of 100kbps in both directions, while also allowing for the capability to transmit larger data grabs or interacting with remote devices on an IP session.

Along with the speed, you also have the ability to monitor your fixed operations wherever they are located due to Inmarsat’s award-winning I-4 satellite network, which is a collection of three satellites that cover all surfaces of the earth. Even with the cutting-edge technology, this product still comes with a simple plug-and-play terminal that allows for easy access.

Since the BGAN M2M is satellite based, with the availability of coverage being 99.9%, the connectivity will almost never be an issue for business-critical applications. While terrestrial or cellular tech can experience outages in severe weather or other extenuating circumstances, Inmarsat’s satellites are in a “geostationary” position, insulating them from the common communication issues felt by land based technology.

As for investing in this technology, hardware costs will be highly competitive, with transparent pricing packages normally based on monthly data usage, between 2 and 8mb, allowing for managers to have full visibility of costs.

The BGAN M2M offers ubiquitous machine-to-machine communications for increased operational efficiency, along with real-time visibility of operations and simple integration into your operations. For a more tangible look at the technology, be sure to go over the Land Service Comparison and the Land Applications and Services Information.

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