Reliable Satellite Communications During COVID-19 Outbreak, Part 1

satellite communications COVID-19 outbreak

There are several areas of society that have seen their importance elevated during the recent worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, and mobile communications are among these areas. From individuals who require strong networks in case of emergency or to keep in touch with loved ones affected to emergency responders and others in healthcare, robust communication networks are vital throughout society as we look to stop the spread of COVID-19.

At International Satellite Services, Inc., we’re here to help. We offer a variety of mobile satellite phone and internet solutions that work even when other major networks go down, from our Handheld sat phones  to various other satellite voice and data solutions.  In this two-part blog, we’ll look at what some recent Pew Research Center data says about Americans’ concerns over a potential network outage, plus how our products benefit both private citizens (part one) and emergency responders (part two) during this time.

Recent Study Data

Per recent data from a Pew Research Center survey of US adults, conducted online from March 19-24, Americans are concerned about the potential of an outage in cell phone or communication networks during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are some of the primary takeaways:

  • 93% of US adults say a major interruption to internet or cell phone service during the outbreak would be a problem during their daily life – 49% think this would be a very big problem, while 28% believe it would be a moderately big problem. Only 6% say it would be no problem.
  • Only 16% of Americans report using the internet or email to connect with doctors or other medical professionals during the outbreak – but this is an important swath of citizens that may include elderly or at-risk populations, and it must be considered as a result.
  • Just 27% of Americans think digital connections provide a suitable alternative during a time of social distancing, while 64% think they are not replacements for in-person contact.

Searching for Information

A vital area of interest for many private citizens has been obtaining information and keeping in contact with others regarding the latest on the outbreak itself. According to the study, 76% of Americans say they’ve used email or messaging services to communicate with others, and 70% have used online resources to search for information about the outbreak. Without adequate networks, staying informed would be far more difficult for these individuals.

Our Solutions

Luckily, here at International Satellite Services, Inc. have several solutions available if you’re concerned about other networks failing. Here are some examples:

  • Push-to-Talk: Our handheld satellite radio using the Iridium network, which works in remote areas for multiple areas of communication.
  • Satellite phone: Utilizing dedicated satellite technology that will not fail even when cellular networks do.
  • Satellite hotspot: It allows you to stay connected to the internet from anywhere.

For more on how our products will assist you in cases where other networks go down during the COVID-19 outbreak, or for information on any of our portable satellite phone and internet solutions, speak to the staff at International Satellite Services, Inc. today.

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