Reliable Satellite Communications During COVID-19 Outbreak, Part 2

: satellite communications COVID-19 outbreak

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over the concerns many Americans have about the potential for losing cell network service during the COVID-19 outbreak and how this would impact them, plus several ideal satellite phone and internet products that will keep you connected in case this happens. There is widespread such concern around the country, particularly for those who fear they would be unable to seek medical assistance if needed.

At International Satellite Services, Inc., we’re proud to offer a wide variety of portable satellite phone and internet solutions for a wide variety of needs. In addition to American citizens as a group, our services have long proven enormously valuable to first responders and medical staff – and they continue to provide this value during the outbreak, particularly if traditional cell networks are having problems. Today’s part two will dig into how satellite communication formats benefit first responders, plus some of our ideal products for EMTs and others in these roles.

First Responder Innovations

As mobile capacity has increased around the country and even the world in recent years, there have been major impacts on the first responder and medical world as a whole. First responders like EMTs, firefighters and others commonly utilize technology pieces like smartphones, tablets and smartwatches for their missions, allowing for real-time transmission of data that increases care quality and response time.

While many agencies have spent years in mostly a BYOD (bring your own device) format here, some have also taken a more proactive approach to a robust network spearheaded by the agency itself. Many of the most recent technological advances allow for incredible applications, such as biometric authentication and ability to interface with a variety of laptop or other software.

Medical Advice Delivery

In addition, mobile communications accelerate the delivery of vital medical advice during a first response situation. EMTs, for instance, can use mobile devices to confer by audio or video with doctors in the emergency room, helping receive life-saving instructions if they remain a significant distance from a medical center. This sort of thing relies on a robust network that will not fail under any circumstances.

Helpful Products

Speaking of such networks, we mentioned earlier and in part one how many Americans are concerned about failing traditional cell networks during this outbreak. If such an event were to occur, we offer several products and services that will keep you connected regardless, including:

  • Satellite phone: Perfect for any remote are or anytime a cell network fails, allowing communication with anyone from anywhere.
  • Push-to-talk: Portable, handheld satellite radio products that allow communications to multiple users, often ideal for first responders.
  • Portable hotspot: Perfect for maintaining a wireless internet connection despite remote locations or outages.

For more on how satellite communications products may assist first responders and others during the COVID-19 outbreak, or to learn about any of our satellite products, speak to the staff at International Satellite Services today.

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